My name is Laura, and I blog about my life.

In 2013, after being inspired by the columns in Company magazine, (my favourite publication at the time) I created a blog in order to allow myself the freedom to write about anything I wanted. Laura-louisee began simply as a realisation that my love for writing didn't have to be restricted to just my English lessons, yet it soon became an important part of my life.

I now study Journalism at university, and use my blog as an outlet to publish any thoughts and opinions I want, as well playlists and regular documentation of my life. My blog is my online scrapbook, so I truly value the lack of consistency in terms of what I post, as it reflects my current interests and allows me to have a space where I can write anything I want, free from scrutiny.

Hopefully you enjoy this mess (and maybe ignore my earliest posts.... I was 13!!!).


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