Tuesday, 8 August 2017

wishing my days away

The resurrection of this blog is coming. In the meantime enjoy your summer and this playlist, ideal for all situations involving pool sides, summer nights, waiting for results day and sheer boredom as you search for clothes you can't afford all day.... just me?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

up the ladder to the roof

After months of heart palpitations, tears and extreme panic inducing stress, college has finally ended. Perhaps the most difficult yet incredible two years of my life are over and I'm now in this weird state of existence where my days are simply a countdown to results day, where the stress is likely to begin again. Right now, before I know how my future is going to turn out, I want it down in black and white that I'm proud of how hard I worked and even though my A levels made me cry endlessly, I loved the past two years and it's undeniable that I learnt a lot.

So, this playlist is titled "waiting", as that is all my life seems to consist of as of late. I hope you enjoy this, as it's my favourite one yet!