Monday, 23 January 2017


2016 was honestly one of the best years of my life, albiet with some of my worst moments mixed in. Within those 365 days I experienced more than I imagined I would, both incredible and unfortunate, which ultimately resulted in one of my most memorable years yet. Unlike my round up of 2015, this post includes multiple photos of me (weird) which hopefully reflects the confidence I've gained within 2016 and not vanity!!! 

What did I do?
  • Quit the job that had become the bane of my life (and believe me I was not "just quitting" out of laziness)
  • Exams and coursework.. if I could use emojis on my blog I would reflect my feelings on this subject with the dead face.. or perhaps the gun. 
  • Visited so many UK cities visiting universities 
  • Attended a Channel 4 event!!! 
  • Visited the Isle of Skye and Portugal 
  • Spent endless hours with my friends laughing until I cried
  • Began my last year at college
  • And so much more that I don't want to bore you with any longer.

What didn't I do?
  • get to college on time
  • blog..........
I am truly grateful for the happiness I experienced during what most have called "the worst year ever". Despite the negatives that also entered my life, I have somehow remained positive and happy, something I can mostly credit to the incredible people I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by. Re-visiting old blog posts reminds me how dramatic I was at age fourteen (four years ago?!?! how :(((() and how negative situations had the ability to affect me enormously. Fortunately along with the four birthdays I've had since then has come maturity and I finally know I can survive this (thanks Destiny's Child... did I mention yet I saw BEYONCE?!?!?).

Hopefully 2017 is equally as memorable, for the right reasons. Love to you all and happy belated New Year!

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