Friday, 14 October 2016

summer 2016 (aka the calm before the storm)

Ah.. summer.. those six (plus?? I lost track) weeks of bliss, sandwiched between two years of extreme stress, formally known as A levels. During my, sadly brief, hiatus from college life, I actually did some cool stuff which I have failed to document on the blog... until today.

First of all, I actually witnessed Beyonce perform with my own two eyes. Yes, if you were in Manchester on the 5th of July and rolled your eyes at the thousands of people sitting on the ground outside of the Emirates stadium... just know that I was one of them. On that day I spent a total of nine consecutive hours standing, making me endlessly thankful for my youth and stupidity to put myself through that torture. Fortunately it was completely worth it and I can safely say: Beyonce is not overrated as a live performer.. in fact she may be underrated. Despite the endless hype surrounding her, I feel that it is impossible to truly comprehend how incredible her concerts are. Even videos and photos of the Formation World Tour don't do it justice, the whole thing is a huge experience that feels almost impossible, as if something so insanely amazing could not exist. The next day I returned to work experience aching and exhausted, with the sadness of returning to normality after something incredible happens. 

A week of my summer was spent in the Isle Of Skye, facing the harsh weather of the scottish highlands. Although, I did actually appreciate the serenity of untouched landscapes, and the fact part of my family are from there!!! There's something I really do love about being far away from home with minimal internet access (never thought I'd say that..). After months of stress, it felt amazing to be detached from everything (mainly college), instead spending time with my family. 

I then spent ONE NIGHT at home, before boarding a plane to Porto Santo, a tiny island close to Madeira. Usually I begin to long for the familiarity of home after a week or two on holiday, but this year I was devastated to wave goodbye to the sun and return to Yorkshire. Probably because I knew a day later I would be starting year thirteen, coursework and MY UCAS APPLICATION :( :( :(. For those two weeks, though, I somehow managed to push my endless list of priorities out of my mind, and focus on swimming in the sea, drinking cocktails and dancing around the hotel room with my siblings.

Winter is beginning now and I'm extremely jealous of my past self for being able to walk around in only a bikini, whereas I currently seem to be spending too much time shivering at the bus stop.

I hope you all had a good summer!!! I have some coooool posts planned I can't wait to share.


  1. Your summer sounds fab! I know all too well the stresses of A levels having just finished mine, I do not envy you haha!
    lily kate x

    1. Thank you! Ahh I'm so jealous, glad you survived them though!!! Maybe there's hope for me too.....