Saturday, 15 October 2016

songs for the way home

Last week's playlist was designed to lift your mood during your commute to work/college/wherever you go in the morning, so it only seemed appropriate for this one to be dedicated to your journey home. Specifically, if you've had a particularly difficult day and find yourself collapsing on the bus, with only enough energy to press play and lose yourself in the music.

'Lisbon' by Wolf Alice is one of those songs that had an instant, almost magical, connection directly to my brain. It's easy to fall in love with a song, but occasionally a combination of chords or a specific lyric just instantly grab your attention, and Wolf Alice seem to be masters of this.. or at least for me. EVERYTHING about this song I love, it's possibly my favourite from the album. Sooo perfect for those angsty teen days where you "feel like going out and smashing windows"..... amazing. Also, I know I already raved about both Wolf Alice and Modern Baseball, but they're SO GOOD so I had to include 'Your Graduation'. Honestly the kind of songs I need during my final years of being a teenager (or months if being eighteen technically makes you an adult?!?!? help).

You've probably already head "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers by now, but if not, allow me to introduce you. This video is the main reason her music suddenly gained so much attention, but she is endlessly deserving of it all. I could honestly write about this song all day but the best way for you to understand is for you to LISTEN!!!! 

Michael Jackson has featured in every playlist so far on the blog, and will probably find a place in all future playlists. I can't help it, I love MJ. It is undeniable that he was an incredibly talented artist who successfully mastered his craft, meaning that his songs deserve a place on my spotify account. A day does not pass without a little bit of Michael Jackson, making it impossible for me to narrow down only one song a week.... but Dirty Diana is a classic. (It was between that and Stranger in Moscow).

Oh and I'm not going to write about The End Of All Things because I already have an entire post about it!

This week will be my last week of term which is a relief but also incredibly stressful as it means first draft deadlines for coursework. Hopefully during my week of freedom I'll be able to find time to write multiple blog posts. There's so much I want to write about lately! My aims are to FINALLY fill the photo frames which have been empty for the past three years in my bedroom and to make these cinnamon rolls. I am also banning myself from updating this blog until the first 1000 words of my history coursework have been completed so.............. see you then.

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