Sunday, 9 October 2016

life lately and songs for your monday morning commute

Despite my best intentions to update this blog, a combination of university open days, coursework and the dreaded UCAS personal statement have been competing for the title of my number one priority.. meaning once again my blog has been neglected. Days have been spent wandering around university campuses and trying to imagine making the city my new home, which is somehow exciting yet terrifying simultaneously. 

Yesterday I found myself strolling through London, running breathlessly up the endless stairs of Covent Garden tube station and unexpectedly ending up in Chinatown. Strangely it was peaceful to navigate my way through one of the busiest cities in the world, as my dad showed me the route he used to walk to work decades before I was born.

This conversation triggered the inspiration for this weeks playlist. On our daily commutes to work, university, school and college, we are all so oblivious to the fact we're almost in automatic mode. Daily routine is so familiar that it requires no thought, and I find that kind of interesting. One person's idea of normality is so drastically different to anothers that there is truly no normal in the world. Perhaps my fascination with this is due to the fact my personal idea of normality will soon be turned upside down as I begin a new chapter of life in an unfamiliar city without the people I've known for so long.

This playlist is your travel partner for the week, accompanying you through that daily morning traffic. I imagine you running up the train station stairs or down a busy street with Stevie Wonder serenading you, and that makes me happy. All I Do is my favourite song right now, and I'm sure you will love it too (fun fact, Michael Jackson actually provides backing vocals for this song and you can tell by listening that this was pre-thriller, recorded in 1980).

I truly hope you have a peaceful monday and a great week!


  1. wow! did you take that photo of China Town? it's amazing! Ha, it's funny I was just there tonight. Gonna listen to your playlist. Love that you have Rhythm Nation on there!


    1. Yes I did!! haha strangely only iPhone quality!! Wow thats cool I hope you had fun, I wish I could have looked around a bit more.
      Thank you so much, I'm so glad somebody else appreciates that song ;)
      Thank you!!!! xx