Sunday, 25 September 2016

sunday playlist

In an unexpected turn of events, this blog is now officially being resurrected and to celebrate I have decided to create a new 'tradition': weekly playlists. My spotify account has been a reoccurring guest on laura-louisee, mostly as I feel music is one of the most important things on the planet, and the songs I love reflect how I felt at a particular time. In order to truly demonstrate this, I want to have some kind of structure/theme to each playlist I publish.

The theme this week? Songs that don't make me want to jump off a bridge! The kind of playlist you put on pre-shower and dance around your bathroom to. 

I have been loving Wolf Alice and Modern Baseball lately. I feel as though their lyrics describe my life currently, and their songs are the kind you can look back on with nostalgia of those angsty teenage years.. the joy.

Speaking of tradition, it's about time this post got sentimental. I truly want to thank those of you who still read this blog, even though I've been so inconsistent for the past year. Hoping you're all doing okay and are not as stressed as I am with A levels! :(

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