Sunday, 5 June 2016

back again???

I think it's time to return to the blog.
Over the past few years, in between documenting my strangest thoughts to strangers on the internet, I have thought endlessly about what this blog should be. If you revisit my previous entries, it's apparent that I was desperately trying to fit into a category unsuccessfully, yet after months of absence and a lack of care for audience growth, I think I now know what I want to write about. And that is everything.. and nothing.  

To elaborate.. my life is strange right now. Everything is on the verge of changing yet it's currently in a weird state where I have grown so tired of routine and I am desperate for something different. I need to stop taking my blog so seriously that it stresses me out, because these long breaks are preventing me from documenting my teenage years, something that was so important to me when i began blogging.

I've spent a lot of time feeling slightly indifferent towards the world of blogging, but as of today I finally feel like I've decided what I want my blog to be. For years I've envied HD photos and well organised reviews, before realising I don't want that kind of content on my blog. Although those posts are beautiful and impressive, I tend to favour a more 'candid' vibe as that is what reflects my actual life. I love the grainy photos, weird playlists and un edited paragraphs because they completely represent my existence and what I was thinking as a 14/15/16 and now 17 year old. So this is life lately.

It's currently almost 2am so this entire post is probably not even worth reading, but to be honest, blogging currently feels like a party that everybody else has left. I am aware that millions of people still publish their thoughts to blogger each day, but they are not the people who were there three years ago. It feels like the majority of the other #tbloggers (are you cringing at the memory????) have since moved on, making this feel like a childish habit I'm the last to quit.

Maybe we're all just too busy now.

While I contemplate if this return will in fact be permanent, you should listen to this song.

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