Thursday, 27 August 2015

blogging goals

This year I have almost abandoned my blog. What with exams, coursework deadlines and the overall excitement of leaving high school, blogging has slipped to the bottom of my priorities. Although blogging is something I enjoy, it can be very time consuming and when I have an exam the next day, I struggle to justify spending that time on my blog rather than revising. However, now that high school is over and my life is about to change again, I am hoping to become more invested in my blog in order to document this time. In order to motivate myself to do this I have devised a list of four things I hope to achieve that will get me back into the place I used to be with blogging.

  • Join in more twitter chats! 
When I first discovered the blogging community, I was obsessed with the chat's and tried to join in as many as possible. They allowed me to gain advice from other bloggers as well as connect with like minded people who I shared a hobby with! Not only can you discover everybody's new favourite lipstick or fashion trend, but it's a great opportunity to make friends within the blogging community. In May when exam season had begun, I wasn't able to justify spending large amounts of time on twitter when I should be revising, so I haven't really joined any chats since then. Hopefully this new found motivation to blog will also encourage me to actually become part of the blogging community again!

  • Take photos wherever I go.
Yesterday I went to Leeds and spent more time in the quirkier, independent shops than the typical ones on the high street. Although this would have been a great opportunity for a blog post, I didn't take one photo! I think this is partially because I'm slightly afraid of the awkwardness of looking like I am obsessing over my instagram in public. I wish I had a more careless attitude, but unfortunately I always find myself feeling incredibly insecure in these situations. However, I'm going to try and change this about myself. I really want to post about the more 'unique' or interesting things to do in Leeds, rather than visit the same typical shops and chain restaurants (although I do obsess over Wagamama...). 

  • Attempt HTML on my layout
In the early days of my blog I would change my layout constantly, purely for the practise. However, along with exams came laziness towards my blog and I'm currently stuck with the blandest, most boring layout ever. Admittedly, at the time I actually really liked the simplicity of it, but now it seems slightly boring. I am all too familiar with the stress of trying even a simple code on my blog and having it destroy everything, but with enough effort and determination it always seems to turn out okay. I currently have so many ideas on how I want my blog to look, so I'm hoping they become a reality soon!

The most important thing about blogging is content, and I don't create enough of it! I am constantly writing down ideas for posts that never get published, or telling myself 'I'll do it tomorrow'. Realistically, we all know how pointless it is to put something off until tomorrow as it ends up never happening. I want to become so invested in my blog that I can post almost daily... I can already see this failing.

I'll probably think of some more, but for now these are the most important things I can think of to improve my space of the internet. Lets hope I can stick to these...

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