Sunday, 14 June 2015

can i please go home now

Throughout my teenage years my bedroom walls have faced endless change. At seven years old I favoured butterfly stickers and snapshots of Disney princess birthday parties, all quickly replaced by posters ripped out of Kerrang! magazine and bought in groups of 3 for £5 at hmv when I turned eleven. I remember organising each wall by the band (my MCR shrine above my bed and blink 182 plastered on my bedroom door) until my walls could no longer be seen under pictures of 30+ year old men wearing eye liner and often holding puppies... After ripping those down in an attempt to be cool at aged 13,  much to my dads dismay I chose to sellotape and GLUE (what was I thinking??!?!?!) pages from fashion magazines and inspirational quotes (it was the year of YOLO.... luckily I chose to avoid that acronym).  

These days my bedroom is littered with things that hold mild sentimental value. A blue dream catcher where Gerard Way's face used to be above my bed, bought by my sister when she went to Ibiza with her friends. A disco ball bauble that my form tutor swore would give me good luck and empty bottles of perfume that still smell like year 8 parties. I have unread books cluttering my windowsill and photos taped to the wall, along with necklaces I never wear hung from a coat rack. I also have an abundance of empty photo frames that I am too lazy to fill... Maybe one day...

Last year I visited a local art gallery on a geography trip, and found myself discussing change with one of the volenteers. She explained the motives of the paticular artist were to represent the change that can easily be introduced into our lives. Although it seems so obvious, it really surprised me how easily I can alter my surroundings. She explained that although people refuse to acknowledge it, we can simply wake up one morning and decide to be a different person, completely reinventing ourselves. It inspired me to stop listening to the same songs I play every day and to dye my hair again.. Despite the fact these are small changes, they seem to refresh my every day life in a way that would not be expected.

Right now I want to rip all the photos from my wall and cover the cracked paint with a new, pristine layer. I want to leave my wardrobe bare and donate all the clothes I keep purely for the 'sentimental value' and empty all my drawers from the paint brushes abandoned since I finished Art and the school books littered with doodles. After filling my room with chaos for the last nine years, at sixteen years old I am strangely drawn to simplicity... Weird.


For the past few weeks I have been fully immersed in GCSE life, which explains my absence from blogging. Fortunately my last ever exam is on Tuesday which means I can hopefully attempt to get back into a routine when it comes to my blog. Thank you for staying through my online silence (ha).

Oh and btw the lyric I used in the title is from Blink 182's song 'Roller coaster' which probably my favourite Blink song! Listen here.


  1. my last exam is tomorrow too!!! (mine's history) good luck :-) it's good to have you back xxx

    1. I hope it went well! And thank you very much :) <3