Saturday, 18 April 2015

The "it's going to be okay" playlist

I've bought my prom dress, stuttered my way through multiple college interviews and watched as I crossed off more and more days from my exam timetable. High school is officially coming to an end. Right now my emotions are completely tangled up due to the fact I can't decide whether to be excited, slightly scared or sad. In just a matter of weeks I will no longer be required to wear the tie that has been hung around my neck almost every day since I was 11. I will no longer be sitting in classrooms with people I've grown to love as we've grown up together, and I will no longer spend my days in the buildings I have sworn to hate for five years. It seems that every aspect of my life is about to change, and I'm currently in the stage where I can see how things are going to happen.

The people I love to see every day will disappear from my life until we never speak again, and the moments that I am living right now will just become a distant memory of the stupid things I did when I was sixteen. The scariest thing is that there will always be a last time. There was the last time your parents picked you up or you wore your favourite shoes. There will be a last time you watch your favourite movie or eat at your favourite restaurant. Most people are never aware that they are living 'the last time', but right now I am. Everyday I become aware of something I am going to miss and it makes me even more reluctant to leave. Unfortunately that is out of my control. 

Perhaps you can tell that right now I'm slightly worried? With exams and the looming prospect of leaving my high school days behind, I've become a nervous wreck - abandoning revision to watch all the stereotypical high school movies I will soon no longer be able to relate to completely. I know that millions of people have and are going to go through the same thing as me, but I still feel completely stressed out. It is because of this that I procrastinated from revision even more in order to create this playlist.

These are the songs I turn to when I feel like I'm stuck and things aren't going to work out. Music never fails to reassure me, so I'm heavily depending on these songs right now. I also attempted to scan an image for the first time! Unfortunately a black line has appeared round the photo which is annoying me immensely despite all my attempts to remove it. Regardless, I hope this playlist can help anybody else in a similar situation. Also, if you're wondering why I chose 'The Kids Aren't Alright' by Fall Out Boy due to the fact it isn't very similar to the rest, you should read this post that I wrote about the song a few months ago.

Due to my exams being just around the corner, I don't really have time to post right now, so if anything I will most likely be posting these kind of 'candid', unedited posts which involve me typing for half an hour without stopping to re-read anything (until two months later when I hate myself for saying stupid things). In seven weeks high school will be over and I will have the longest summer of my life to post...... and worry about starting college on my own..... YAY.


  1. Good luck with your exams!
    The Middle is my favouriteeeee song! wish I had this playlist when I was doing my exams 4 years ago! Sob! I feel old...
    Katie x

    1. Thank you!
      Ahh, hopefully it can help you now anyway!