Friday, 2 January 2015

Do better

It is especially at this time of the year when I begin to question the relevance of anything I do, as the earth completes yet another lap around the sun, just to begin again. As humans we seem to ignore the oddness of it all and create a million ways to distract ourselves. We invent problems that are ridiculous when you step back and realise how clueless we all are, yet people die for them. Sorry for getting deep, I shouldn't think for too long apparently..

As well as the disasters we put among ourselves, somehow humanity has managed to create something that's enough to kill you or fill you with hope. Art. Art can be expressed in a million different ways, whether it's photography, music, dance, painting or even make up. There are endless possiblities to show the world what you can do.

 In paintings you can see the brush strokes triggered by the movement of the artists hand. I can hear the sharp breaths of my favourite singer between lines of a song. I watch as the eyes of a dancer move rapidly, lost in the moment and thinking of the next move. Sometimes it is easy to view artists as unreachable gods, people who aren't really people and are larger than life itself. It is in the thick paint and sharp inhale and sudden movement that I am reminded that they are all human, and any human can achieve these things.

Because of this revelation I have one simple goal for 2015: 'Do better'. It is so easy for me to believe that I can't compete with other peoples talent and give up. However, it is within this belief that I forget that they are just people. It was a person who painted the Mona Lisa, it was a person who invented the internet and it was a person who wrote Thriller. A human being who had to sleep and eat and breathe just like me. 
Everybody is capable of something and I hope 2015 is the year you figure out what that is. 

Happy New Year.


  1. you write so beautifully<3 happy new year !!

    1. Thank you Joni! I've been meaning to say hi to you at some point so: HI! Happy new year to you too, it's almost 2 years since we started talking! So weird!

  2. Hi Laura! I've mentioned this so many times but your blog is definitely up there with my favourites. You have a very unique way of writing and the way you deliver your thoughts is very articulate and interesting. I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! You can find all the information here:

    I can't wait to read all your answers so when you've done it be sure to send me a link!

    -Nabeela xo

    1. Thanks's so much Nabeela! I'll definitely have a look :) thank you for choosing me for this!