Sunday, 30 November 2014

blurry photographs and cold days

I admire people who can something so simple into art. Whether it's food, music, writing, fashion or make up, I find it so interesting that the things some people think of as boring or normal, others view as a blank canvas for them to display their creativity. With so many social media platforms these days, it seems that everybody can be an artist. The problem is, this leads to so many people taking things like instagram seriously, as if it was their job. I've seen arguments over shout outs and insecurity about follower count, which seems slightly crazy to me. 

While our parents used to take photos to store in photo albums that only see daylight every few years, spending the rest of the time gathering dust, this generation seems to share everything online. As long as it has an appropriate filter, there are no boundaries. Social media is the home for millions of teenagers captioning everything '#likeback' to seem popular to people they'll never meet.

Although I am impressed with people who are able to take flawless, HD photos that look as if they have been taken through someone's eyes, it is not something that I can achieve. I've decided to embrace my lack of talent, rather than feeling left out amongst the talented members of the blogging community.
Sometimes the best photos are the ones where the lighting is wrong and you forgot to alter the focus, because you know that behind the blurry pixels is a shooting star or your 16 year old face laughing about a joke you can't remember. I tend to favour photos that were rushed because otherwise the moment would go, rather than those that I spent so long trying to get perfect.

I was walking home last week and I decided to attempt to capture the moment in a photo. I didn't even stop to take them, partly for the sake of the photo and partly because it would be embarrassing if someone I knew saw me. Despite the fact I will be offending someone with my lack of photography skills, I kind of love how they turned out. This is the kind of photo I'll see in years to come, and still remember how freezing I felt.

Reminding myself that I don't need to fit a mould while blogging has helped me to write about the things I want to, rather than what I think will get the most readers. If you think something is right, then do it, no matter how small.


  1. This was an absolutely beautiful post! (I'm kinda jealous of your writing style lol)

    Maddy |