Sunday, 26 October 2014

thoughts on blogs

*irrelevant photo because I am useless*

When I started blogging my biggest inspirations were the cutesy, floral themed blogs with perfect quality photos of lipsticks along with a paragraph on how cosy they were in their new Cath Kidston pyjamas. After a year, I've began rolling my eyes at posts that seem to be trying too hard to portray the perfect life and I'm over endless reviews of the same product. I haven't been blogging for long enough to see the rise and fall of blogs, but the magic does seem to have worn off slightly for me.

Don't get me wrong, I still love doing this, but not in the same way.
My inspiration now comes from LiveJournal entries published in 2004, filled with spelling mistakes and written by my favourite bands before their rise to fame, or old newspaper articles that give you a strange sense of pride because you know what happens the next day, and how clueless the journalist is. My point is, so many people seem to be afraid to write something even slightly different from the most popular blogs. We all seem to be trying to mimic each other rather than creating something unique and interesting.

I want to see bloggers that let the world around them influence what they share on the internet, rather than feeling obliged to stick to the unwritten set of 'rules'. Everybody's life is different, we all have secret obsessions and talent and I think it's a shame that so many people neglect their individuality just so they can fit a certain mould. It's extremely relevant in the way that lifestyle bloggers seem to be blogging about someone else's life because they're afraid to tell the whole story in fear that they might come across as unprofessional or strange. This is a hobby that's built around each of us, so take the thing that makes you you and use it to give you an edge.

It now seems almost weekly that I see a tweet commenting on how 'tacky' and 'terrible' certain blog designs are, simply because they aren't a particular persons taste. I won't even start on the endless photography debate, although I will say: ignore people who turn their nose up at photos taken with anything less than a cannon 600D - frankly it's scary that blurry photos on other peoples blogs are the worst of their worries. I love the blogging community, I really do, but it makes me sad to see people putting other peoples choices down. When it comes to your blog, as long as you're not offending anybody, just do what you want. This is your personal, creative outlet for you to express yourself however you choose.

Please don't take this post the wrong way and think I'm trying to upset anybody. If you happen to love pink lipstick and spend hours photographing your collection on a floral background: DO IT! Embrace your individuality and write about what you love - I'm fully supportive of that. I'm just saying that there's no need to think that your blog has to be a certain way because that's what is popular.

I'd love to hear what other people think on this topic and I'm 100% open to other peoples opinions.

Don't worry about fitting the mould, make your own.