Monday, 16 June 2014

shopping my make up stash

The concept of 'Shopping your stash' is basically to explore our, sometimes excessive, make up collections and choose a few items that we don't give enough love to. It's a great way to re-discover products you forgot you had and previously loved (and it also ensures that you don't have a drawer full of thing you never use). Honestly, compared to the majority of bloggers my make up collections is rather small but I tend to gravitate towards the same things, meaning everything else gets left behind. I managed to select 5 products that don't get enough use, and make a concious effort to 'give them some more love'.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara
I now have a grand total of three tubes of this mascara, which is definitely too much. Don't worry, I didn't buy them all, I received them as Christmas presents and haven't got around to using them up. This is a really good mascara, the wand is huge and it makes your lashes long yet kind of natural. I think it's perfect for school/work as it doesn't make your eyelashes resemble spiders legs.. (currently having war flashbacks to those days.. ew).
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Rimmel used to have some kind of 'anti aging' (or something like that) foundation which I loved, even though I'm a teenager.. It didn't stick to dry patches and it gave a good, natural coverage.. yet they discontinued it. I bought this in October last year and upon first use I realised it was that foundation under a different name! Or at least it smells and feels the same.. I often forget about this due to my Mac Studio Sculpt, but since this is way cheaper it seems more appropriate for every day use. The only problems is it's slightly pink toned, and my skin (although as white as milk) is more on the yellow side..
Bourjois Color Boost lipsticks
I bought these last year when they started flooding the blogosphere, but I've only used the shade 'Peach On The Beach'. They're really moisturising and I love the colours, so I don't know why I never seem to reach for them. I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis anyway, but I'll be sure to get these out at the weekend (here I am.. pretending I have a social life).
Dainty Doll Blush shade 001
When I heard of the launch of 'Dainty Doll', it's fair to say I was excited. A whole make up brand dedicated to pale people?! I ordered this shade, trusting the colour on the website about two years ago and I was kind of disappointed when it arrived. It's pale purple and I had no idea how to wear it. I'm going to try again and see if I can get it to work.
Mac Eye Brow pencil? (The website doesn't say a name!)
My friend bought me this for Christmas, and I love it. It stays on all day and makes your eyebrows more natural and less.. slug like. I'm terrified of using it up so I turn to Benefit 'Brow-zing' more often, but I do want to use this more as it's so good. You can view the product here as I can't actually find the name for it.

Here's hoping I actually use these!

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