Friday, 13 June 2014

I know it's sad but I never gave a damn about the weather

As well as being incredibly socially awkward, one of the stereotypically British personality traits that I have is the fact I always want to talk about the weather. Maybe it's because the sky above our little island can never decide if it wants to emit rays of sun or shower us in freezing water, so we are all so intrigued by the unpredictability of it.. or maybe we're all just really boring and our lack of social skills mean we always turn to the weather as the small talk topic of choice. Either way, it's raining right now which seems strange after the week of intense heat and sunshine (although I'm sure those of you from more.. 'tropical' environments would laugh at our excuse for heat).
 After hearing thunder for the past hour and convincing myself it was just someone's car engine, the sky opened up and ruined everybody's plans of village events in fields (if I have to wear wellys in June tomorrow I'm sure I will be using it in an awkward conversation about the typical British summer at some point) or any kind of 'Summer' activity outdoors. The sky is really pretty right now though,  it's as if the sunset is trying to break through the ever present grey clouds and instead covering the sky in a strange purple colour that seems vaguely reminiscent from some childhood cartoon I can't quite remember. I did try to get a photo but it doesn't show up, so enjoy this one of the sunset a few days ago (while I was taking this someone in the house below was watching me in their window... Embarrassing..).
 It seems so relaxing to sit with my window open, letting the sound of rain almost over power the sound of my incredibly loud (and annoying) laptop fan after the stressful week I've had of science exams and too many P.E lessons. Now year 11 have officially left school I feel excited for the future. One more year and I'll finally be able to walk out of the school gates and never look back.. I can't wait.
Having said that, I have been really happy lately. It seems like any kind of negativity in my life has gone, and I just feel so calm. I know some people may be rolling their eyes at a 15 year old mentioning 'negativity' but all I can say is it feels good to be able to laugh and smile and not care about anything.

I hope you all had a good Friday the 13th and if not, I hope tomorrow makes up for it! I will try to go to sleep and wake up a less cheesy person. 

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