Saturday, 12 April 2014

the guinea pig disaster (and a life lesson).

After a geography trip yesterday (involving less geography and more noodles) I decided to spend some time with my guinea pigs who sometimes don't get enough attention from me due to school work taking up my time. A few minutes after, my arm came up in weird bumps/blisters and my lips swelled to a size that would make Lionel Richie jealous (I have photos but they are far too embarrassing to share on the internet). My mum, being the queen of worrying, tried to convince me to go to the hospital but me, being very reluctant to ask for help, refused. It wasn't until my parents had left and my chest started to feel tight that I admitted I probably needed medical assistance and called my sister (who is much more educated when it comes to stuff like this) who called 111 (nhs helpline) when she got home. Long story short, I ended up in a&e for two hours having my blood pressure checked and being weighed. (I actually ended up embarrassing myself when a man came in with a weighing chair and said 'can I weigh you?', and I mistook it for a wheel chair and the request of 'can I wheel you?' to which I responded 'well if you want but.. I can walk'.. Safe to say I caused a bit of laughter at my expense and confusion). I don't want to reveal the outcome of this experience (because I am terrified of sharing medical information on the internet) however before all these events occurred I managed to snap this photo. It's strange how clueless I was when this was taken, which lead me to thinking 'how clueless are we as to what the future will hold right now?'. Life can surprise us at any moment, and as humans we only realise this when it really happens, as oppose to the day to day boring events that we are sure we are stuck in. If you get anything from this blog post, just know that your life can change at any moment, whether it's positive or negative, and you don't need to feel like you are stuck. Things will change.


  1. wow this post got so deep so quickly!! ;)

  2. I hope everything is ok in the end, you also have a cutest Guinea Pig mine is called Mushroom and I adore her :)