Wednesday, 30 April 2014

only seasons can tell of the sweet dreams that we knew so well

There's something about storms that I love. It may be a descendant from being younger and sitting in a classroom with other small children who scream and cry when thunder sounds; the sense of fear in the air being vaguely exciting, or it may just be the way the rain washes over everything and leaves the streets so empty due to people running for shelter. I'm typically a very boring person when it comes to loud noises, avoiding fireworks and wincing at gun sounds in the cinema, yet I feel drawn to thunder in such a strange way. I always associate memories of storms with sitting in my kitchen as a child, counting the seconds between thunder and lightening with my sisters and the lights turned off; the darkness only being broken by a flash of electricity illuminating the sky. Maybe I'm just romanticizing a regular part of nature but I honestly think this is one of the 'coolest' things to happen naturally on our planet. Today I got home after a bad day, and rather than making my life seem like a sad moment in a cheesy movie, the storm seemed to lift my mood.. strange.

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