Saturday, 5 April 2014

three albums you should listen to

Recently I've been loving listening to full albums all at once, as opposed to playing random songs or putting my iPod on shuffle. I think that this allows you to have the experience that the artist envisioned when creating the record. I decided to branch out from my usual music taste (I tend to gravitate towards rock, although if you read my playlists post you'll see I like pretty much every genre..) and listen to some albums that I've heard a lot about. (As well as some by bands I had previously loved).

Bangerz - Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus probably wins the award for the artist with the most headlines of 2013, from the VMA performance with Robin Thicke to swinging naked from a wrecking ball, everything she does screams 'controversial'. With all the crazy publicity stunts it is often forgotten that she is actually a singer who has a lot of talent; I think that most of the people criticizing her music are the same ones who haven't heard her album yet, stuck in the mindset that she is still Hannah Montana. I actually really love the sound and image she's created, it's so different from the 'Disney, country singing' Miley we've seen previously, yet I think it's a really positive artistic change. Some of my favourites are '4x4', 'FU' and 'Adore You' which I hated a first but has really come to grow on me.

Pure Heroine - Lorde
Honestly, I avoided listening to this for the longest time purely because I knew very little about Lorde and from what I did know, I assumed she was a 'wannabe indie kid who insulted everyone'. I'm so annoyed at myself for this because I was missing out! After hearing her music I instantly wanted to find out more about her, and I am now pretty much obsessed. I love how different she is, focusing more on music than the fame and escaping the typical stereotype of a pop star. Pure Heroine is so different from the music that's on the radio right now, yet it seems so modern to me. Everything from the lyrics to the sound is just (excuse the bad pun) Pure Genius. Favourite is 'Team' and it's been on repeat for two days now.. In fact I even used lyrics from the songs as the title for my last blog post

Too weird to live too rare to die - Panic! At The Disco
I'm a huge P!ATD fan, so you can image my excitement when they released a new album. With now very few remaining members, that hasn't stopped the band from creating more music, and it really is incredible. Known for changing their genre each album, they haven't let their reputation down here; this time it's modern, edgy and just.. different. Lead singer Brendon Urie has an amazing voice, which makes me love their music even more. I don't know if I can pick favourites, but I love 'This is Gospel', 'Miss Jackson' and 'Girls/Girls/Boys'. If you like Fall Out Boy's 'Save Rock and Roll', you'll love this. I seriously recommend you listen.

I love music, and since my blog is an outlet for me to talk about everything I love it only seemed fitting that my music taste worked its way onto here. Although people find it strange that I'm a die hard MCR fan, yet love Kanye West, I wouldn't have it any other way; I appreciate the music for the music, not the genre. I really hope that somebody enjoys these posts as I love writing them! I would be grateful for any feedback and your album recommendations.


  1. Yes that Panic at the Disco Album! They are touring at the moment to. I love Collar Full :)