Wednesday, 30 April 2014

only seasons can tell of the sweet dreams that we knew so well

There's something about storms that I love. It may be a descendant from being younger and sitting in a classroom with other small children who scream and cry when thunder sounds; the sense of fear in the air being vaguely exciting, or it may just be the way the rain washes over everything and leaves the streets so empty due to people running for shelter. I'm typically a very boring person when it comes to loud noises, avoiding fireworks and wincing at gun sounds in the cinema, yet I feel drawn to thunder in such a strange way. I always associate memories of storms with sitting in my kitchen as a child, counting the seconds between thunder and lightening with my sisters and the lights turned off; the darkness only being broken by a flash of electricity illuminating the sky. Maybe I'm just romanticizing a regular part of nature but I honestly think this is one of the 'coolest' things to happen naturally on our planet. Today I got home after a bad day, and rather than making my life seem like a sad moment in a cheesy movie, the storm seemed to lift my mood.. strange.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy days

One of my all time favourite bloggers Jess (owner of the flawless blog Gingerly Pale) often writes posts about things that are making her happy, and I decided to blatantly copy her idea write a post inspired by hers (don't worry, I asked!). Now that the first week of the Easter holidays has come to an end, I am counting down the days until I have a full on stress breakdown due to the large amount of work I have to do in a short amount of time; until then though, I'm going to continue waking up at 2pm and then watching Gossip Girl for the next twelve hours. Here is what is making me happy:

  • The Netflix 30 day free trial.. a.k.a my biggest downfall when it comes to revising. I am now often faced with the decision of actually doing my art coursework or watching bad TV shows, and I will always take advantage of a freebie. 
  • No longer being scared of getting the train. Yes, there was once a time where the stress of train stations were too much for me to handle, and I avoided them at all costs. Now though, I spend most of my time on this form of public transport which makes my old fears seem completely insane. 
  • Trying new cafĂ©'s and restaurants with friends. Over the past few weeks I've eaten at so many new places that I've almost forgotten about my beloved TGI's, something I thought would never happen. However, no matter how fun I find this, it's a big drain on my bank account when the money could have been spent on more useful things.
  • The weather which has been very good as of late. Good enough that the last time I went in to Leeds I didn't bring a jacket and although that's probably a regular occurrence for people that live in hotter climates, this is a huge deal for someone from a particularly freezing part in England.
  • People who post videos of Whales online. As strange as this may sound, I have a creepy fascination with killer whales and watching them attack people on YouTube. It's gotten to the point that I have started convincing my friends to watch documentaries with me when it's probably the last thing they want to do. Oh, and I've also had a few killer whale dreams in the past few days.. You can unfollow now I am aware I am weird.
  • Good friends that make me happy. My last post was pretty negative, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to say that for every bad person in my life, I probably have 6 good ones who make me smile without even knowing. I know I'm incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who inspire me to do good things like eat healthy, get a job or revise for my exams (which I am completely incapable of doing on my own) and I am in no way taking that for granted.

I hope you are all having a very relaxing Easter Holidays (or just weekend if you don't have time off school/work right now). And in true gossip girl style:
You know you love me
(that was lame).

PS: Once again, my photos are so bad... I'm sorry!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

negative people

I've said this before but my blog is my outlet. I created my blog so I would have a space to rant or just share my feelings to whoever cares enough to read it, so that's what I am doing right now.
Everybody comes across negative people in their life; whether it's the angry stranger who gives you dirty looks in the supermarket or a teacher who constantly tells you that you're stupid. These people are everywhere, hiding out in all corners of the world, ready to put you down and ruin your day. In some cases, they are easy to get away from; a simple eye roll and a sigh can put them in their place as you walk away from them forever. However, it's not always that easy. It is often that we find ourselves in situations or relationships with those who have little regard for anybody but themselves, yet it's almost as if you can't get away from it. It's difficult and it feels as if your life is being consumed by somebody who you genuinely care about. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the perfect friend however I will never intentionally hurt someone's feelings. It makes me sad when somebody feels the need to put another person down by insulting them for no reason; quite frankly it's rude and completely unnecessary. For a while I've been dealing with the same people who although make me insanely happy when I'm with them, manage to mess with my head when they're not. For example, a comment that's made when I'm with them will be either ignored or brushed off by me, and it's not until I'm alone that I realise this person has literally just sat and insulted me to make themselves feel better. It's painful when somebody who you would support endlessly and always be there for treats you in a way that makes you feel so small. Although this is coming off as a rant, I can't help but be confused. No matter what someone says to me, I would never treat them this way.. yet it's coming from a friend and not an enemy. I will never be brave enough to get myself out of this situation, but if you are then here is some advice:
  • if there's someone in your life who you support yet either ignores or ridicules your achievements - get rid of them.
  • if there's someone in your life who points our your insecurities when they are fully aware about your feelings - get rid of them.
  • if there's someone in your life who is not treating you as well as you treat them then, you guessed it, get rid of them.
Let's hope someday I can do the same.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

my three favourite cleansers

Skincare is something that I, along with many other people, obsess over. Our skin is one of the main causes of insecurity, whether it's the unexpected 'hormonal' spot, or extreme dryness in the winter, the appearance of our faces can often make us want to hide under a Halloween mask. Fortunately, there are millions of products out there designed to cater to our every skin need. However, this is often where it gets over complicated, often ending in too many people buying the wrong kind of product for there skin type. After basically stalking any kind of skincare blog or review for the past few months, I have now decided I am somewhat knowledgeable (although I'm obviously still clueless compared to the likes of Caroline Hirons) on the stuff I smear on my face (lovely). I have devised a small list of my three absolute favourite cleansers that I have found myself gravitating towards recently, hopefully to help anybody who is stuck as to what products to use.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
I won't go into too much detail as this is one cleanser that is endlessly raved about in the blogosphere, however it deserves all of its praise. Not only does it remove make up and clean skin, but when used with a muslin cloth or flannel it helps to exfoliate by removing dead skin cells. This is one of my all time favourite products that I think I will always end up going back to. It comes in all different sizes depending on the price you're willing to pay and if you want to trial it before purchasing the full size. Click here to view more product details or to purchase.
Clarins Cleansing Milk for Oily/Combination skin
Although my skin is probably more on the dry side than oily, it has recently been becoming more and more oily, meaning I had to make some changes to my routine. This previously belonged to my Mum who had an allergic reaction to it, meaning it fell into my possession (gracias madre!). I find that this removes all the dirt from throughout the day, although I would recommend it more for a 2nd cleanse than to remove the majority of make up. Although the Clarins website recommend a slightly complicated method of using this product, I tend to just apply to dry skin and remove with a flannel or muslin cloth which again, helps to remove dead skin. I love that although it's meant for oily skin, it isn't harsh or drying, plus the consistency is really light and nice to use. Click here to view more product details or to purchase.
The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil
I've done a full review of this product (which you can read here) however I couldn't resist adding it to another post. This is the best for a pre-cleanse to remove make up or dirt. It's really pleasant to use due to the calming, subtle scent and consistency. It removes waterproof mascara with minimal effort, and basically removes any trace of make up from my face. Again, this needs to be removed with a flannel/cloth as the oil is incredibly difficult to get off with only water. Click here if you want to buy it.

Apologise (once again) for the photography. My photos seem to become so blurry once I've uploaded them to blogger, but I am trying!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

the guinea pig disaster (and a life lesson).

After a geography trip yesterday (involving less geography and more noodles) I decided to spend some time with my guinea pigs who sometimes don't get enough attention from me due to school work taking up my time. A few minutes after, my arm came up in weird bumps/blisters and my lips swelled to a size that would make Lionel Richie jealous (I have photos but they are far too embarrassing to share on the internet). My mum, being the queen of worrying, tried to convince me to go to the hospital but me, being very reluctant to ask for help, refused. It wasn't until my parents had left and my chest started to feel tight that I admitted I probably needed medical assistance and called my sister (who is much more educated when it comes to stuff like this) who called 111 (nhs helpline) when she got home. Long story short, I ended up in a&e for two hours having my blood pressure checked and being weighed. (I actually ended up embarrassing myself when a man came in with a weighing chair and said 'can I weigh you?', and I mistook it for a wheel chair and the request of 'can I wheel you?' to which I responded 'well if you want but.. I can walk'.. Safe to say I caused a bit of laughter at my expense and confusion). I don't want to reveal the outcome of this experience (because I am terrified of sharing medical information on the internet) however before all these events occurred I managed to snap this photo. It's strange how clueless I was when this was taken, which lead me to thinking 'how clueless are we as to what the future will hold right now?'. Life can surprise us at any moment, and as humans we only realise this when it really happens, as oppose to the day to day boring events that we are sure we are stuck in. If you get anything from this blog post, just know that your life can change at any moment, whether it's positive or negative, and you don't need to feel like you are stuck. Things will change.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lana Del Rey - Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight

I know I just posted, but after hearing about Lana Del Rey's unreleased song being leaked online, I had to write about it. When it comes to Lana Del Rey, I'm incredibly biased. I would download an audio recording of her ordering at a McDonald's drive thru if I could, she is truly one of my biggest obsessions. I'm drawn to her unique voice and how her songs sound so unlike anything else that is typically 'popular' in today's society. However, don't let my creepy fascination with her sway you into believing this song isn't very good because it's incredible. Although this song was actually recorded in 2010 and has just never been released, I wish it was a hint as to what her new work is going to be like. It sounds so 'old school disco' yet it's nowhere near reminiscent of the records you make your parents turn down when they play on bad radio stations. 
So, although this won't be appearing on her soon to be released album 'Ultraviolence', what do you think? Would you buy it? Listen here:
 *edit: since posting this, the YouTube version has been deleted however you can find a sound cloud version here , enjoy!*

three albums you should listen to

Recently I've been loving listening to full albums all at once, as opposed to playing random songs or putting my iPod on shuffle. I think that this allows you to have the experience that the artist envisioned when creating the record. I decided to branch out from my usual music taste (I tend to gravitate towards rock, although if you read my playlists post you'll see I like pretty much every genre..) and listen to some albums that I've heard a lot about. (As well as some by bands I had previously loved).

Bangerz - Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus probably wins the award for the artist with the most headlines of 2013, from the VMA performance with Robin Thicke to swinging naked from a wrecking ball, everything she does screams 'controversial'. With all the crazy publicity stunts it is often forgotten that she is actually a singer who has a lot of talent; I think that most of the people criticizing her music are the same ones who haven't heard her album yet, stuck in the mindset that she is still Hannah Montana. I actually really love the sound and image she's created, it's so different from the 'Disney, country singing' Miley we've seen previously, yet I think it's a really positive artistic change. Some of my favourites are '4x4', 'FU' and 'Adore You' which I hated a first but has really come to grow on me.

Pure Heroine - Lorde
Honestly, I avoided listening to this for the longest time purely because I knew very little about Lorde and from what I did know, I assumed she was a 'wannabe indie kid who insulted everyone'. I'm so annoyed at myself for this because I was missing out! After hearing her music I instantly wanted to find out more about her, and I am now pretty much obsessed. I love how different she is, focusing more on music than the fame and escaping the typical stereotype of a pop star. Pure Heroine is so different from the music that's on the radio right now, yet it seems so modern to me. Everything from the lyrics to the sound is just (excuse the bad pun) Pure Genius. Favourite is 'Team' and it's been on repeat for two days now.. In fact I even used lyrics from the songs as the title for my last blog post

Too weird to live too rare to die - Panic! At The Disco
I'm a huge P!ATD fan, so you can image my excitement when they released a new album. With now very few remaining members, that hasn't stopped the band from creating more music, and it really is incredible. Known for changing their genre each album, they haven't let their reputation down here; this time it's modern, edgy and just.. different. Lead singer Brendon Urie has an amazing voice, which makes me love their music even more. I don't know if I can pick favourites, but I love 'This is Gospel', 'Miss Jackson' and 'Girls/Girls/Boys'. If you like Fall Out Boy's 'Save Rock and Roll', you'll love this. I seriously recommend you listen.

I love music, and since my blog is an outlet for me to talk about everything I love it only seemed fitting that my music taste worked its way onto here. Although people find it strange that I'm a die hard MCR fan, yet love Kanye West, I wouldn't have it any other way; I appreciate the music for the music, not the genre. I really hope that somebody enjoys these posts as I love writing them! I would be grateful for any feedback and your album recommendations.

Friday, 4 April 2014

and everyone's competing

Since the last time I updated my blog, I've been to TGI's 4 times, had a coursework deadline, an exam and I haven't tidied my room once. It's been a stressful few weeks in which I couldn't stop thinking about how absent I had been from my blog, so it was surprising to me that as soon as I had time again, I didn't know what to say. When I began blogging a year ago, I simply wanted a place to write about my favourite lipstick or a new bag that I bought; I had no interest or desire to gain an audience as I found it strangely therapeutic to just write. Somewhere along the way I discovered the blogging community and realised it wasn't actually as scary as I assumed it would be to have someone on the other end of my careless thoughts and long paragraphs. Obviously, discovering all these unique blogs left mine feeling boring and stupid in comparison, and I suddenly decided I needed to be like them. Since then I have tried and failed to put myself in so many blogging categories. It is just recently that I have realised it doesn't really matter what I post. Sometimes I want to review a new mascara, and other times I just want to share what I did at the weekend. I want to write a list of my favourite songs, post pictures of my outfit or huge paragraphs about how I'm feeling. The point is, I just want to write! I can't limit myself to a 'blogging genre'. So hello, welcome to, you're likely to come across bad photos and posts that don't quite fit with each other. I hope you enjoy.