Sunday, 16 March 2014

I'm at it again, caught up in the moment

I don't want to jinx anything by saying this, but life is so good lately. It's as if all the unhappiness that I carried with me for the past year has finally gone, leaving a much more calm and relaxed version of me behind. Maybe it's just the weather at the moment, but everything just seems (excuse the cheesiness) much 'brighter' and better. There are still things in my life that aren't perfect but I think I'd be scared if there wasn't. 
This weekend has been a good one. Two of my friends and I went into Leeds (which I seem to do every weekend nowadays..) to try Yo Sushi! a restaurant that is known for its raw fish. I don't eat fish which kind of defeats the purpose of going, but the veggie sushi and tofu katsu curry were amazing and I am now in love. It was a little different to our typical choice of restaurant (TGI Fridays) but I still enjoyed it. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may have seen my embarrassing '16 things before 16' post which has somehow vanished and I don't remember deleting it. Anyway, I mentioned my ambition to try sushi, followed by a post a few weeks later (read here at your own risk, it is truly terrible) in which I discussed how much I hated it. Strangely, I now like it. Things change I guess.
This weather has sent me, along with the rest of the UK into a weird frenzy of trying to soak up every bit of sun I possibly can. Can you blame me? We rarely see any kind of hot weather meaning that the moment it seems a little bit sunny everybody goes absolutely crazy, having BBQ'S and wearing shorts without tights (even though it isn't really that warm). I've been enjoying my long walk home since it no longer involves battling the wind and having to choose between holding my skirt down or pushing my hair out of my eyes. Of course any kind of exercise for me means that pit stops are essential, and I was obsessed with this 'Rubicon Sparkling Guava' drink until my mum kindly pointed out that it smelled exactly like cat pee. (I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to figure out how I can word that a little more politely.. as you can see I couldn't think of anything).
I am currently sitting in my room with my window open as it is practically the same as going outside.. right? It seems, due to the smell of smoke coming from my street, that one of my neighbours has decided that March is the appropriate time to have a BBQ.. British people truly do go insane when they see the sun.. we must be allergic. I checked my blog audience the other day and I was amazed that you're not all from the UK! I apologise that I only ever seem to cater for the English audience, know that I am now going to make a concious effort to include everybody. So, I would typically ask 'how are you celebrating the good weather?' but instead I am going to say 'what's the weather like where you are?'.
I hope you've all had a great week and if not, this one will be better!