Thursday, 27 February 2014


In the 80's, people imagined the future as a wonderland of technology; a world complete with flying cars and robots. Although this is nothing like the place we live in today, the technology that we do have has become far more advanced than anyone could have dreamt of back then. It goes without saying that our society has changed considerably in the past 50 years, leaving us much more dependant on gadgets such as our beloved computers and phones. An example of this would be the daily commute to school or work; when people would once engage in conversation, read a newspaper or simply focus on the world around them, the train carriages are now full of silent strangers staring at small screens. Having said this, I am no exception. Having grown up in the 21st century, I am an avid fan of technology and can't imagine a world without its use in my everyday life. You can now have access to traditional means of communication such as newspapers or letters, but in the form of apps and emails which are much more reliable, cheaper and easier. Humans have created a world where tasks that once took days can now be accomplished in seconds, whether you're in an office, on a bus or even in bed.

Although technology is useful for all kinds of necessary tasks, being a fifteen year old girl, I find that the most common use of my phone is the hurried 'was that homework due in today?' texts to my friends, just a few minutes before school starts. Occasionally I'll need to reply to blog emails on the go, or bombard fellow bloggers with tweets, praising their new posts, however upon reflection, neither of these tasks are compulsory and I could easily wait until I got home and had access to my laptop. The problem is (and I think many people will agree) technology is so addictive! I will never understand why I enjoy scrolling through twitter or dissipating precious hours playing flappy bird, but when you're sat in a particularly long maths lesson or on a bus, nothing seems more appealing. I couldn't function properly without my phone. I honestly feel sad on days where I forget my earphones and have to sit on the bus listening to year 7's scream, rather than my favourite songs. If I could, I think I would listen to music every second of the day.

In the fast moving society we live in, I think people often forget to slow down and appreciate the world around them. Everybody seems to be constantly busy or in a state of anger at things that upon reflection,would probably seem insignificant to them. I will hold my hands up and say I am also guilty of this and find myself sighing at slow walking people on a regular basis, even though I know that it's such a small thing in comparison to the rest of my life. As I have come to realise how impatient humanity is, I am constantly trying to break out of the habit of rushing my life, or wasting hours of it playing apps (which brings me back to flappy bird). I've found that you don't have to be without a phone in order to achieve this, as technology is capable of so many things that can assist us in our lives. 

I have a pretty bad memory so it's important to me to find ways of recording important moments in my life, so I can look back at them later. My phone is the perfect way to do this as not only can I use it to quickly snap pictures at any location, but I can share them with my friends via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Despite stopping us from communicating in real life sometimes, technology can bring people together this way. For example, my friends and family that I unfortunately don't see very often are able to keep up to date with what I'm doing, without even having to visit. Plus, these photos make me laugh! The bad hairstyles and make up choices paired with stupid facial expressions make me kind of embarrassed, at the same time as being happy that that was once a part of my life. I say: embrace the ugly selfies with friends! You'll be glad you took them in years to come.

What are your thoughts? Is technology bringing us closer together or further apart?
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