Saturday, 1 February 2014

quiet nights in

Recently I've been an unfortunate combination of stressed and sleep deprived which is down to me playing Flappy Bird until 3am and leaving my art coursework until the day before the deadline. Although this is entirely down to me being lazy, I still like to tell myself that I deserve a 'pamper night' every so often, and put my art coursework on hold in order to spend a night being lazy. All jokes aside, it is important to clear your schedule every so often and have some time to yourself, and I think relaxing with your favourite beauty products is the best way to do this. I have somehow accumulated a small stash of products that I reserve purely for these nights and since I love posts like this, I decided to join in and share my 'pamper night essentials'. 
If you're like me and use too many hair products, you'll know that they can build up in your hair leaving it feeling and looking a little bit 'lifeless'. I love this deep cleansing shampoo because not only does it really clean my hair, but it also leaves it feeling really soft and smelling incredible. I tend to only use this once week as it is very 'deep cleaning' (hence the product name.. 'deep cleanse shampoo') and would probably dry out my hair with every day use.
There's something about hair masks that I associate with pamper nights. After all the stress we put on our hair, straightening, blow drying, covering with hairspray and pulling it into all sorts of hairstyles, I feel like it's important to give some love back to it. I've tried quite a lot of masks, and always come back to the Tresemme 'restore and deep conditioning' one. It's very cheap considering the amount you get (not to mention that Tresemme is always on offer) and it really does work. It always leaves my hair looking considerably less damaged and feeling very soft and smooth.
Although I'm not a big fan of baths, some days all I want is to sit in a huge pool of bubbles with a book for a few minutes. On rare occasions like this, I'll turn to this 'Ted Baker bath foam' which was a gift for my birthday. However on a day to day basis I'm a big shower person and I tend to reserve this L'occitane 'spring cherry' for any particularly tough day. It smells really fresh and nothing like the artificial cherry scent that I expected.
This 'Olive Body Butter' from The Body Shop is probably the best body butter I've tried. I have dry skin so I need something really moisturising and this ticks all the boxes. I managed to get this in the sale for only £5, reduced from the original price of £13, and I have fallen in love with it which makes me sad as I now fell obligated to purchase it again for it's full price. If you like subtle but fresh scents then I'm sure you'd love this.
For years I've struggled to find a product that will keep my dry skin under control and I've finally found it. 'Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask' is a miracle worker, applying it overnight will ensure hydrated, smooth skin in the morning. It took me a while to get past the overly fruity scent, however I now actually really like it. The only negative is the price tag which again, makes me sad that I may have to re purchase this and wave goodbye to my money. A cheaper face mask is the 'Quick Fix Facials exfoliating scrub mask', which completely vanishes black heads and makes blemishes go down to a point where they're pretty much gone. I wrote a review on this a while ago but since then I've used it a lot more and realised I didn't do it justice at all. (However if you want to read it you can do so here)
What kind of pamper night post would this be if I didn't include my favourite candle? I would be lying if I said I was a 'candle expert' as I have never purchased any in fear that I would burn my house down. However, my friend got me this for my birthday and I can't wait to burn it. It smells like summer which is the best description I can possibly give it. Next time there's a freezing windy and rainy day, hopefully this can transport me onto a beach somewhere..

I would like to apologise for the terrible photos, I'm trying to improve but it's a struggle for people who don't understand technology like me. I am experimenting with editing and it seems like they've all turned blurry, I will try to fix this! Anyway I hope this could be of use to somebody. What are your favourite 'pamper night' products? 


  1. I love that Yankee Candle! They have such an amazing range of scents. I'm dying to try out something from Origins, I keep hearing so much about their masks particularly. I am quite intrigued by the idea of a mask that you keep on overnight! x

    1. They do! My mum is a yankee candle obsessive and I'm always surprised at how many scents they have! You should definitely try it, it's worth the price tag. I was also intrigued but I've grown to really like the idea :) x

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  3. I've never tried any of those products! they look so cool :)
    <3 victorique