Thursday, 27 February 2014

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I'm pretty sure that every human on the planet loves music, it's as if it's drilled into our brains from birth. Whether it's Lionel Richie you're humming in the shower or heavy metal blasting through your headphones, everybody has something that makes them feel happy. Having said that, if you're in a bad mood it's very therapeutic to put some depressing music on and feel sorry for yourself for a few hours. I'm in love with the idea that you're favourite songs are almost a 'soundtrack' to your life; admit it, we're all guilty of staring out of the window and pretending we're in a movie when a good song comes on in the car.
I savour the moments when I have spare time to put my earphones in, even just for a few seconds as it provides a similar feeling of 'feeding an addiction' (not that I'd know as I'm pretty sure the only thing I've been remotely addicted to is Diet Coke..). I think music taste is a big part of someone's personalty, so in order to share more about myself I'm going to share a few of my favourite songs; depending on the situation.

My favourite 'Bus Songs'
Yes: I do have a playlist named 'Bus Songs' although it is also 'Train Songs' so maybe I should rename it 'Things I listen to on public transport'.. catchy.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Fall Out Boy? Recently I've been gravitating towards their music more than usual, so usually I'll just put the band on shuffle every morning.
I tend to turn to more upbeat songs before school to wake myself up, so this playlist contains lots of rock music with the occasional pop song thrown in.
Paramore were my favourite band from year 6-7, and I rarely listen to them anymore but I do love 'Ain't It Fun' from their new album. It's very uplifting and a generally good song.
'Pumped Up Kicks' is a song that everybody seems to know, yet its still so good! I also love how it sounds amazing yet has a very complex meaning.

Happy/Uplifting Songs
Music for days when I feel happy, or when I need an extra boost of motivation.

'Dog Days Are Over' was first introduced to me in the advert for 'Slumdog Millionaire' and I instantly fell in love with it. It's very (hate to use this word again) uplifting!
Any song from P!ATD'S album 'Pretty Odd' is bound to make you smile, I love how they change genres every album.
Everybody seems to think 'Awake My Soul' is depressing, but it puts me in a good mood whenever I play it!

'Guilty Pleasure' Songs
The songs we love but don't like to admit it..

I know, I'm also ashamed of myself. I have to admit, 'Baby' is such a good song! It's so catchy, the kind of song that you can't stop yourself from singing along to. I'm not a Bieber fan, but I must admit to playing this on repeat occasionally.. As for 'Cupid's Chokehold', I don't think it's that bad.. Whilst singing it under my breath the other day my friend gave me the look as if to say 'You actually like that song?' how can I not?! Patrick Stump sings the chorus!
Something I don't think I've admitted on my blog before is my intense love for country music.. I don't know why I like it, but it makes me feel so unnaturally happy..  it's scary. 'There's Your Trouble' is basically what I sing in the shower, along with 'Giddy on up' by Laura Bell Bundy and of course Lionel Richie.
If anyone ever thought I was cool, they've changed their mind now.

Nostalgic Songs
Music that reminds you of a time in your life.

'All About Us' was my favourite song in year 8 for a while, but I kind of hate it now. The lyrics sound awful to me, but at one time I really liked it.
'Knock you down' also reminds me of year 8, a songs that is also kind of terrible.
I actually really like 'Stingin' Belle' although not that long ago, it reminds me of March last year when I saw them in concert with my sister. They're so good live!

Songs that make me think of people
I don't think there's a nicer compliment than 'this song made me think of you!', although it depends on the song..
'Gold Rush' makes me think of my friend Leah, who introduced me to Ed Sheeran and this song, which I'm thankful for as I love his music.
I seem to be in the 1% of the population who likes 'Bound 2' by Kanye West. Although the video is terrible, I love this song and it's something my friend and I sing along to.
'One Thing' reminds me of my friends who I saw One Direction with. At the time of booking the tickets I didn't know any other songs properly so this one is kind of a joke between us.

I apologise for how rambley this is! I hope you enjoyed finding out about my weird music taste (and haven't lost any respect for me.. haha).
What are your favourite songs?

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  1. It seems we have similar taste. Lovely.

    1. yay! as long as I'm not the only one with a weird music taste ;) x

  2. Love this! I adore Ain't it Fun, Paramore are perfect :)x