Sunday, 12 January 2014

that fragile capricorn unravelled words

The only photos I took this week

This cold, rainy week has been a good one. I started my first school week of 2014 on Monday with a positive attitude and motivation to try hard, even though I had only managed 3 hours sleep. However, the excitement of seeing my friends again distracted me from wanting to crawl back into bed and I braved the freezing wind for my education (my teachers would love me if they heard me say that). Most of the week was a blur of long I.T lessons and the phrase 'it's time to start thinking about college' which makes me nervous. Why does high school have to be so short? At the same time as scaring me, all this talk of college has made me excited with the thought of what the future has to hold. I am currently in the process of deciding which lessons I want to do on the first college taster day, which I am not looking forward to. The possibility of being alone in subjects and having to talk to new people makes me very nervous however I'm going to put my best foot forward and step out of my comfort zone. Although the thought of leaving high school makes me slightly sad and scared, after reading through the college booklet a  few times I am now excited to see what the future will bring. All this talk of college was like a wake up call that's made me suddenly feel very motivated and determined to reach my 'life goals' and succeed. On Thursday I turned 15, not exactly a milestone but nevertheless, it happened. I received amazing gifts from my friends (including a huge pack of peanut butter Oreos which is a combination of two of my favourite things, and a Michael Buble calender which sent me into hysterics when I opened it but it is now placed proudly in my room). My parents gave me a Lionel Richie CD and tissues that look like money. This was definitely the year of the joke gifts, but I still love them all. On Saturday (which is yesterday as I write this) I went shopping with my best friends to celebrate my birthday where I managed to limit myself to only buying items in the sale (by the way, if you live near a Victoria's Secret go there now! £11 body sprays are reduced to £2.50, needless to say I now have too many). We then went to my second home, TGI Fridays and had long, pointless conversations that ended with me laughing very hard. I had a really good day and I am now even more grateful of my friends. I am surrounded by a group of intelligent, kind, hilarious and most of all positive people that make me feel very happy. After having a not so great year, I can now fully appreciate how lucky I am to have people in my life that actually care about me, even if I don't tell them. I find it easier to express myself through writing as when I try to say something serious the words never seem to come out properly. That's why I'm glad I found the blogging community and took the plunge to start my own blog to share my thoughts and opinions with a small group of amazing people. Even though I sometimes forget to post or join in the twitter chats, and my blog is small, I'm still very proud of it and my decision to start it. Its strange to think that a year ago I was reading blogs with no confidence to start my own and today I'm sharing my deepest thoughts with a handful of strangers on the internet.
 I apologise for the rambley-ness off this blog post, I just felt like sharing a quick life update with anyone who cares. Even if you've had a less than fabulous week, share something with me in a comment that has made you smile. Sharing your positivity will make you and others feel happier!
I wish that you all have an amazing week!

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