Sunday, 5 January 2014

my week in photos 1

1- yesterday I went into Leeds for food and a little bit of shopping with one of my very close friends. Unfortunately we ended up missing the train by a second (it was literally leaving the station as we arrived, which was the first and the last time I have ran for any kind of public transport). We ended up sitting in the train station having deep conversations and Starbucks. (I had a salted caramel hot chocolate as I'm trying to stop drinking caffeine after 10 am).
2- I never take selfies, I hadn't updated any social networking profile pictures for a year! But somehow this ended up on my instagram.. I don't know what else to say.
3- My obsession with cleaning and getting rid of old stuff recently lead me to finding these old photo booth pictures of me and my friends in year 8! I love re-discovering things like this, it made me smile a lot.
4- I've been painting my nails a lot more than usual at the moment and couldn't resist a typical #notd shot. This is one of the magnetic 'essie' nail polishes with a glittery 'ciate' one from my sisters advent calender on top!


  1. Hello lovely lady! I was just popping on over to say s big thank you for your kind comment on my last blog post. Hope you are having a lovely week! Off to have a little nosey around your little blog now ;) xxx

    1. No need to say thankyou, I was telling the truth! I love your blog :) Thankyou very much, I hope you do too! Ooh I hope you enjoy it :) xx

  2. Eurgh! I hate it when you miss public transport! Especially trains, because the doors are locked for ages before the train even leaves the station. Looks like you've had a fun week though.
    Great post, and great blog. I'm new to this blogging sphere so I don't really know what I'm doing but you've got a new follower! :)
    Elephant stories and more

    1. Haha I know! Especially when you've ran for it ;)
      Thankyou so much! I'll go have a read of your blog now, thanks for your lovely comment though :) xx