Saturday, 28 December 2013

My 5 favourite make up items of 2013

Since the year is now ending, I took inspiration from a few beauty bloggers and decided to feature my five favourite make up products of 2013. These are basically the 'winners' in my make up collection that have particularly impressed me throughout the year.
Benefit 'They're Real!' 
I'm pretty sure everybody knows about this mascara due to it's popularity with bloggers. Seriously though, it's worth the hype. A main ingredient of beeswax allows the mascara to condition your eyelashes, all while lengthening, curling, voluminous and staying on all day, though any weathers. The only problem I have with it is the price, but that hasn't stopped me from repurchasing it three times!
Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish Lipstick in 101
This is the perfect natural pink shade. It's a 'your lips but better' colour with a matte finish that doesn't dry your lips out. Its long lasting with a subtle watermelon scent which I love. This (along with Bourjois color boost in 'peach on the beach') is probably my most worn school lip colour as it's so natural.
Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'
I hate to admit it, but when it comes to blusher I'm very lazy. I'll make the effort for special occasions but on a day to day basis I never seem to spend time applying it. However, when I found this blusher I fell in love. It's known to be a dupe for Nars 'orgasm' which is too expensive for me to purchase at the moment, but for an almost exact shade at only £4.99, you can't go wrong! I love the subtle gold hints that add an element of warmness to your cheeks. And it doesn't look to harsh against my snowman skin! Sleek are well known for having very pigmented products and this one isn't an exception.
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
After a huge allergic reaction to Bourjois Healthy mix, I decided to take my doctors advice and stray away from cheap foundations. After alot of research I came across this one from Mac that caters specifically to dry skin. After parting with my £25, I fell in love with this foundation. It stays on my skin all day, doesn't cling to dry patches and has a medium to high coverage. The best part is you only need less than a pea size amount for your whole face, meaning you get your moneys worth.
Bourjois Khol and Contour in 78 Brun Design
I don't have much to say about this eyeliner other than it's very pigmented and lasts all day, meaning that it does the job perfectly. On lazy days I also use this as an eyebrow pencil.. is that allowed?

What are your favourite products of 2013? I really want to try some more that may become favourites in the next year.

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet

I haven't posted for three weeks! I wish I had some sort of excuse but in reality it's been down to laziness and lack of motivation. But I am back for good now (how many times have I said that?) and I'm excited to start posting more regularly again. First of all, I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! I spent the day relaxing with my family and eating which is pretty much what we do every year. I'm definitely enjoying this time off school although I've gotten back into my bad sleeping habit of staying up until 6am, falling asleep and waking up at 2pm (exactly what I did today). I'm sure that on the night before we're due to go back all this sleeping and playing hay day will come back to haunt me as I attempt to finish my art coursework and maths homework in two hours. Please tell me someone else does this? I'm going to spend today drafting some posts to go up within the next few days and tidying my room (the never ending chore.. ugh). I know this blog post is really boring but I just felt like I needed to update this little space of the internet so you all know I am, in fact, alive.. I hope you're all having a lovely week, I'm not actually sure of what day it is though..

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

what's december without christmas eve?

I haven't updated my blog in a while which I feel quite bad for, but nevertheless I am human and quite frankly very lazy. I would like to start this post by wishing each one of you a happy Christmas. I truly hope that you all have fun with your families/friends/whoever you're spending the 25th with this year. I am currently in my room with Michael Buble on repeat feeling partly content and a little sad. I've realised that the arrival of Christmas Day is rather bitter-sweet, as everything you've been looking forward to for months is pretty much over in a few hours. I'm starting to sound a bit like the Grinch but the thought 'life is going too fast!' has been playing on my mind repeatedly for the past few months. This time of year is a time when I'm usually very over emotional, probably for that reason. As one year ends and another one begins I start to think more and more about how the end of my life is drawing closer and closer.. What a depressing Christmas Eve thought? Despite saying all that, I am very excited to spend tomorrow with my family and hopefully have a happy day filled with food and bad cracker jokes. 
Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

concealer loves and hates

After clearing out my makeup collection today, I found some products that I haven't seen in a while. Some of them I was excited to start using again, as I'd completely forgotten I had them, other I was wondering why I hadn't thrown them away yet. I'll admit it; I'm a concealer addict. Anything that promises to temporarily banish dark circles, or hide my blemishes from the world can claim the title of my hero. That may be why so many have come into my possession over the past few months. Since so many people also deal with annoying spots and panda eyes on a morning, I thought I'd share some of the products that I swear by to give me a confidence boost, and ones that I would recommend avoiding.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
I know, you've heard people rave about this endlessly and it's getting boring. But, it would be silly to do a post about the best concealers and forget about this! I have two shades, one that I brought on holiday with me in the hope of tanning (I didn't) and one that matches my albino skin tone perfectly. These are amazing and if you haven't already tried them then I highly suggest you do. For under £5 you can't go wrong, and they last a long time. No creasing, high coverage and affordable. What more could you ask for?
Benefit Boi-ing
This is £17.50 which is a big jump from your average drugstore prices. It has a high coverage which reduces the appearance of redness or dark circles drastically. It doesn't crease or wear off throughout the day, but I still prefer Collection as it's so much cheaper and I find that it lasts a lot longer. This pot gets used up very quickly which makes me wonder if I'm really getting my moneys worth. Although I do like it, I don't think I'll buy it again once it's gone because it's too much for me to justify (especially when Collection is so damn good).
Miss Sport Concealers
Why oh why do I still own these? I can't remember the last time I used them but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in Year 8. They're both pretty much exactly the same; low coverage, hard to blend and orange toned. Why do I have two? Probably because they're both under £2. I wouldn't recommend these at all (although we've all used them at some point... haven't we?).
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
I can't decide if I like this or if I just think it's 'okay'. It's very creamy and blends into your skin easily, the coverage is pretty good and it's affordable. But at the same time it isn't amazing. It's a nice product to have in your makeup bag for emergencies, but it's not something that I swear by and will continue to repurchase. Having said that, I am going to try this again soon as I haven't used it for a while (I'll make sure to post an updated review!)

If you recommend a concealer that wasn't featured in this post, please let me know! There's always room for another one in my life..

mini favourites

I know this photo is terrible, and the quality of my posts recently haven't been up to standerd, but I've honestly been writing them in a rush, trying to finish them on the correct day of #bigblogmasproject. Since this one is already late, I thought I'd show you two of my current favourites. Firstly, I full on love these hedgehog slippers from Primark. They were about £5 (I think!) and they're the cosiest slippers I've ever had! I usually buy the boot style ones but I couldn't resist when I saw these, and they haven't let me down. Perfect for slipping on in the chilly winter mornings or throwing on when you get in after a long day. The floors in my house are freezing, so appropriate footwear is essential. My next current obsession is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After doing film studies I can now fully appreciate how good this film really is, and I can't help but wish I chose this to base my film studies coursework around last year! It's the best movie to watch after a long day, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I also think it's kind of Christmassy what with the snow throughout the film. The only problem is, I can't watch it without craving chocolate..

Thursday, 5 December 2013

'If you could go anywhere for Christmas, where would you go?'

I stole the question for the blog title from a Christmas tag I saw, because I've thought this through alot and honestly, I'm too tired to write a long post today. I'm one of these people who loves spending Christmas at home, and can't imagine having to go somewhere else. I love tradition, and being in my house with my family and I don't understand why people would want to go somewhere hot. However, if I had to choose to go somewhere other than England, or even just the days leading up to Christmas, I would go to Canada. The photo above is a street in Quebec, and it seriously looks like a film set. How perfect would it be to spend the festive season here? Imagine Christmas shopping in the snow, surrounded by lights and cute shops. Perfect.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

bad day cure

Whenever any of my friends are sad, or having a bad day I always have the same solution to their problems: Have a shower. That sounds very harsh but honestly, there's no better therapy after a particularly rough day than spending your whole evening scrubbing away at your skin in a steamy waterfall of hot water. Is it just me who turns to the shower when in need of making big decisions? It just seems so much more relaxing than anything else. I know that everyone and their mother has Snow Fairy, but it's my all time favourite 'bad day shower gel'. The scent remains in your bathroom for hours after you used it, and it makes your skin feel super soft at the same time as calming you down with its candy floss smell. What's your favourite way to 'wind down' after a bad/long day? If you haven't already tried my method then I highly recommend it. (It's also the best after walking home in the freezing cold, I seem to be doing this alot lately). Have a good week!
Love, Laura

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

those symphonies of better days

I apologise for the terrible picture, taking blog photos at half 10 isn't one of my best ideas but I've recently gotten into the habit of falling asleep when I get home and then spending the rest of my night frantically trying to do 14 things at once. I was trying to cut down on the emotional 'reflective' blog posts, but today I really felt like writing one, after all the reason I started this blog was to record my thoughts and feelings so I can look back on them one day. 
The (bad) photo I used will mean nothing to anybody else, but to me it's the simplest way of representing two people who were once very special to me. Both objects in the picture are linked to a different person, and although tiny they seem filled with memories. As I was writing this I realised that neither of them came into my possession at good times in my life, in fact it was probably the worst. One thing that bothers me about people is that when you mention a low point in your life, they automatically assume that you're being 'attention seeking', and I have to say that's exactly the opposite of what I want. I hate having sympathy from people because I really don't deserve it. Something that seemed like a terrible time to me wouldn't even be classed as bad for another person. But at the same time, we all have different lives and different things can hurt us. My point is that just because someone in the world has it worse than you, doesn't mean that you can't be sad. Our lives are filled with both happy and sad moments and there is beauty in each of those. I honestly think that because I've felt truly unhappy this year, I've learnt to appreciate little moments like laughing with my friends or having a pointless conversation with my sister. If you get anything from this tired, rambly blog post, I want you to go out and make the most of the happy times. Hug your friend or laugh at a joke until it's not funny anymore. Make silly little memories that you forget and then take you by surprise a year later when they come back into your mind, and you find yourself giggling on a bus surrounded my strangers.
Neither of the people that this blog post was 'inspired' by are in my life anymore, both for very different reasons. I know that everything happens for a reason but I can't help wishing that things could stay the same sometimes. The reason I wanted to write this was because today I was walking home when I realised that everything seemed okay again. In fact it felt more than okay, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt free to smile and laugh and live my life without waiting for something to bring me down again. I'm not saying that I'm instantly fine and everything's perfect. Occasionally I'm going to remember something I thought I'd forgotten, and it's going to make me sad because my life isn't like that anymore. But, I'll still remember that it's not going to be that way ever again and I'm a better person without putting myself through anymore sadness.
This was the most random blog post I've ever written, it wasn't planned and I haven't deleted anything. I've just sat down and typed everything that came into my mind. This is the kind of post I'll want to look back on.
I hope you're having an amazing HAPPY week!
Love, Laura

Monday, 2 December 2013

TRESemme Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave In

What a long product name! It's a good thing I love it so much, or I really wouldn't have the energy to type all those letters out.. (Again, I'm being too dramatic). First of all, sorry for all the lights on this photo, I'm now in full Christmas mode and decided to take it out on my blog. Besides, it's appropriate as this is day two of #bigblogmasproject. Today I wanted to share my ultimate hair saviour these past few months, which only found its place in my Boots basket by accident a few months ago (damn you 3 for 2..). Slightly off topic here but I finally got myself a Boots card! I felt like being a Beauty Blogger and not owning one was practically a sin. Besides, I'm all about saving my money (ha).
The main reason I bought this was because when the Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner came out, I was in love with them. I've now moved on to a new brand but I was still curious about other products in the range. I don't know why but I originally expected this to be a spray, so I was rather disappointed when it was just a thick conditioner-like substance with a pump. However, I take all that disappointment back because I really do like this product. The idea is to smooth it into your hair after washing it and then continuing with your normal hair routine, and I didn't expect it to but it made a huge difference. Since adding this to my hair routine, my hair's seemed a lot shinier and healthier with less breakage. I can't put my finger on what it does exactly, but it has just overall improved the quality of my hair (I've even received some compliments about the lack of damage, yay!)
I still want to try more products from this range, so if you know of any good ones, let me know! 
Love, Laura

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hello December #bigblogmasproject

Apologies for the quick post and generic photo (not mine) but I'm kind of in a rush as I just realised it was day one of #bigblogmasproject, and I need to post within the next few hours. I promise that I'll make more effort for the rest of the month, but today I'm just doing a quick lifestyle post, which is one of my favourite things to write anyway. (By the way, I just noticed that there's a TGI Fridays in this picture and I got very excited. It is literally my favourite place on earth.. I think I may be over exaggerating a tad).
December is probably my favourite month of the year, you can't turn on the TV or radio without hearing a Christmas song or seeing a festive advert. Everybody seems to be in a good mood with all the excitement and it's the one month where everyone is thinking of other people. My absolute favourite thing is that everything seems so different. Christmas lights are up around my village and every window you walk past has a Christmas tree on the other side (although I don't recommend going around looking in peoples windows.. it's fine to look from a distance though).
What's your favourite thing about December? As I said, tomorrow a better post will be up, and I look forward to reading everybody else's #bigblogmasproject posts!
Love, Laura