Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Body Shop chamomile cleansing oil review

I originally wanted to name this blog post 'The Body Shop cleansing oil review (aka the best thing you can buy for £10) but it seemed like it was a bit too long. However, if I had used that as the title it would have been 100% true, because this is one product I feel like I can say is money well spent. When it comes to skincare/beauty products, I am very good at wasting money on things that I don't actually need and will most likely be lost in my collection within a few days. However, this doesn't stop me from still buying more and more things and one of those is the new Body Shop cleansing oil.
I had been quite interested to try a cleansing oil for a while, but the thought of rubbing oil all over my face seemed to put me off, as I was sure it would break me out.
I kind of purchased this on a whim (how adventurous am I?) telling myself that whether it worked out or not, it would make a good blog post (ha, does anyone else do this?).

The idea is that you pump a small amount on your hand (another good thing about this product: it has a pump!) and apply to dry skin. Then you basically massage it into your face to break down and remove make up. The subtle chamomile scent makes this process even more relaxing which is great after a long day. I also love that it removes heavy duty make up like high coverage foundations and waterproof mascaras.
If I'm wearing a lot of make up, I'll add a splash of water to emulsify the product and break down the make up a little more, but usually I'm okay with just using a damp muslin cloth or flannel. Removing the product this way helps to exfoliate slightly and remove dead skin which is essential if you have dry skin like me.
Sometimes this is all I need to remove make up and cleanse my skin, so it's a great all in one product.
This would be great for anybody who doesn't want to fuss with skincare, as it's so simple yet so affective and for the quality I would class this as pretty affordable.
I have extremely sensitive skin and I haven't (yet, touch wood) had a reaction to this! My biggest doubt about it was that the oil would cause me to break out, but my skin's improved alot since using this product, so if that's your fear I suggest you get over it and give it a try. I promise you won't regret it.
Have you ever tried a cleansing oil? Let me know which ones are good as I'm interested to try more!
Love, Laura


  1. I was worried about using a cleansing oil at first too but now I love it! I use the Clarins one and it's really lovely :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. I totally agree, don't know why I ever doubted it! It's honestly my favourite way to remove my makeup. Oooh the clarins one sounds really nice, I'll definitely have a look, thanks!

  2. Thank you for directing me to this review! It sounds amazing! Before, I was apprehensive about cleansing oils as they didn't sound appealing, especially as I have combination skin, but I reckon it will work well for me. I will have to try it out!

  3. Good post! I used it for the first time on Sunday after buying it during TBS's 40% off promotion. I really like it. Going to wait a week before reviewing it.