Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Max Factor Creme Puff Review

Max Factor Crème Puff - £5.99

When it comes to powder I never seem to be satisfied and its the one thing in my makeup collection that I don't have a favourite of. I used to love the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder until they discontinued it, and since then I've just been constantly buying powders without being satisfied.
Until recently... (wow what a cliff-hanger).
I bought this maxfactor powder in January and after starting my blog I started to purchase even more products, pushing it to the back of my collection and forgetting how much I loved it.
The other day I stumbled across this again and decided to give it another go, and I can honestly say I've fallen back in love. It gives your skin a velvet-y (great use of adjectives there, Laura) finish with great coverage. One of the key points when looking for a powder, in my opinion, is seeing how long it lasts throughout the day. This powder remains on my skin looking untouched throughout the day which is great because I hate having to sneakily re-apply at school (we're not supposed to bring makeup, ha little do they know..).
Another good point about this powder is that it is high coverage, great on days when I'm feeling less confident about my skin. And if anyone was wondering, IT COVERS MY ECZEMA!!!
In order to get a full review I visited the boots website to read more about this product. Apparently it has 'light reflecting particals' to make your skin glow. This doesn't mean it is glittery, which is something I really don't like in a powder. I have to admit my skin does look more glow-ey (yet again, great adjective) when I use this.
Honestly, I don't know how it found its way to the back of my makeup collection! I'll definitely be using this some more from now on.
Thanks for reading!

ps: I am really sorry for the lack of posts recently, I haven't really been going through the best of times and I didn't want to channel any of my unhappiness into my blog. I'm going to really try and put more effort into my blog from now on because I really love it and everybody who actually reads it! You're all beautiful <3

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