Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tag: My First Time

I was tagged by the lovely Amy to do this post a few days ago but I didn't realise because I was in France (sorry Amy!) You should all definitely check out her blog, I personally love it. Anyway, I thought this tag would be really fun and it gives you a chance to 'get to know me better'. Lets begin!

First Best Friend
I met my first best friend when I was only a few months old. Our sisters were similar ages so our mums met when they were both pregnant and picking them up from school. She was born about a month before me but soon enough I popped out and we were friends! Our houses were actually back to back so I could see her room from my bedroom window. We used to wave at each other every morning and night and we even had a secret gap in the fence that we passed letters to each other through. We were so close that we planned to knock down part of the fence and build a gate so we could get to each others houses whenever we wanted. I moved house when I was about seven but since we went to the same primary school we were still best friends (although we used to fall out all the time over stupid things haha). However, once it was time to go to high school we drifted apart and I haven't seen her for years now.

First Concert
My first official concert was when I was eleven (in my first year of high school) and all my friends were a few years older than me. We went to see My Chemical Romance and it was one of the best nights of my life! Unfortunately, MCR have split up now (cryyinggggg) but I'm lucky I got to see them while they were together. We had to drive all the way down to Manchester after school and all the way back after the concert. However I did go to Party In The Park when I was in year 6 (for those of you who don't know, it's like a mini day festival in Leeds that used to be free, and you could only claim tickets if you lived in Leeds) and there were a lot of famous people there including Jedward!

First Celebrity Crush
I didn't really have many celebrity crushes when I was younger because I just didn't care about boys that much. I can remember being obsessed with *cringe* Shane Ward for a week when he won the xfactor, but I've definitely got over that one now. I used to pretend to like Zac Efron when High School Musical 1 came out, just because all my friends did, but I wasn't really that interested. Oh I just remembered! In year six I used to like Ian Watkins (lead singer of lostprothets) but it turns out he was a paedophile.. After that I went through band members every week, convincing myself I was 'in love' with them all.. I was a weird kid.

 First Word
 My mum tells me it was 'mama' but my Dad insists it was 'dada'. I guess I'll never know!

First Job
I've never actually had a job, but the second I turn sixteen I'm applying for one straight away (I need money!). When I was in year 6 I used to trade paperclip bracelets and tidy peoples drawers for neon shoelaces (it was the 'thing' back then). And in year 7 I used to sell lollypops at school for 40p when I bought them for about 2p. I was such a good business woman..

First Phone
I got my first phone when I was in year 6 and it was a slidey Samsung phone. I had a group of three other friends who lived near me and we all had the same phone in different colours. Mine was pink, one of them had red, black and silver. I don't think I ever texted anyone on it though and after a year of service it died on me and never worked again.

First Tweet
I've had twitter forever (personal account, not my blog account) since about 2009, so it was reaaallly difficult finding this, but my first tweet was 'im mad lol'. wow. cringing at my past self..

First makeup item
My first proper makeup item was probably mascara. I used to do a lot of performances when I was younger so I was used to applying my own makeup by year 5. I also had a Victoria Jackson survival kit when I was in year five. I didn't realise how valuable it was then haha.

Thankyou for tagging me Amy! That was fun!
I tag Joni and Celine
Thanks for reading!
Laura xxx


  1. aw thank you laura, I love your blog too :) x

    1. aw thanks, and thankyou again for tagging me! x

  2. I am still so heart broken over MCR... Omg :(
    Lydia Rose

    1. OMG YOU LIKE THEM TOO? So am I! I may or may not have cried when I found out... they were so good :( xx

  3. Ah so jealous you got to see MCR, I never got chance :(

    Jess xo

    1. it was the best concert I've ever been too. aw :( fingers crossed they'll come back! xx