Saturday, 31 August 2013

mini boots haul!

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, I bought some things from Boots. I told myself  ''Only £20, you only need some foundation and a new foundation brush'' yet when I was looking around the website, I couldn't help but add a few more items to my list. The ending result was that I spent around £35 which is fifteen pounds over budget! Oops... It's safe to say that I won't be going to Boots for a while after this. Thankfully, the shipping prices at Boots are incredibly cheap compared to other websites, and I ended up only having to pay about £2 extra! I paid for standard delivery and my order was expected to come on the 3rd of September however it came today! I've always found that Boots deliver packages early but it has never come the next day! All the items were packaged safely and any breakable items were bubble wrapped.
The first thing I got was the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. This foundation has been recommended to me at least five times on twitter, and I know that it is very popular among bloggers. I'm excited to try it and see if it's as good as everybody says!
Next, I bought the famous Real Techniques stippling brush. I have more makeup brushes than I know what to do with, but I have never owned a Real Techniques brush before! I've heard loads about this brush and since my own stippling/foundation brushes were getting a bit tired, I decided to treat myself!

The next two purchases were kind of an accident.. I was simply having a look through the website with no intention of buying anything else when I saw some new facemasks. What made them even better was that they were reduced! I couldn't help myself from adding a couple to my basket. The one with the highest rating was the exfoliating scrub mask for blackheads and blocked pores. All the reviews were raving about the product so I though ''why not?''. I also got the brightening peel mask for dull and uneven skin tone which looked promising even though it currently has no reviews. If you want to try any of these masks I recommend going to boots now because they are all a third off. click here to see the full range.
The last product I got was the Una Brennan intense moisture mask which is also reduced at the moment. I have dry skin (which I have mentioned a million times on my blog and will probably mention it a million more.. sorry) so I decided to treat myself to a little moisturising treatment. All the reviews were good, the packaging is cute and it smells of roses! What more could I ask for?

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you want reviews on any of the products then let me know!
I hope you're having a good week.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tag: My First Time

I was tagged by the lovely Amy to do this post a few days ago but I didn't realise because I was in France (sorry Amy!) You should all definitely check out her blog, I personally love it. Anyway, I thought this tag would be really fun and it gives you a chance to 'get to know me better'. Lets begin!

First Best Friend
I met my first best friend when I was only a few months old. Our sisters were similar ages so our mums met when they were both pregnant and picking them up from school. She was born about a month before me but soon enough I popped out and we were friends! Our houses were actually back to back so I could see her room from my bedroom window. We used to wave at each other every morning and night and we even had a secret gap in the fence that we passed letters to each other through. We were so close that we planned to knock down part of the fence and build a gate so we could get to each others houses whenever we wanted. I moved house when I was about seven but since we went to the same primary school we were still best friends (although we used to fall out all the time over stupid things haha). However, once it was time to go to high school we drifted apart and I haven't seen her for years now.

First Concert
My first official concert was when I was eleven (in my first year of high school) and all my friends were a few years older than me. We went to see My Chemical Romance and it was one of the best nights of my life! Unfortunately, MCR have split up now (cryyinggggg) but I'm lucky I got to see them while they were together. We had to drive all the way down to Manchester after school and all the way back after the concert. However I did go to Party In The Park when I was in year 6 (for those of you who don't know, it's like a mini day festival in Leeds that used to be free, and you could only claim tickets if you lived in Leeds) and there were a lot of famous people there including Jedward!

First Celebrity Crush
I didn't really have many celebrity crushes when I was younger because I just didn't care about boys that much. I can remember being obsessed with *cringe* Shane Ward for a week when he won the xfactor, but I've definitely got over that one now. I used to pretend to like Zac Efron when High School Musical 1 came out, just because all my friends did, but I wasn't really that interested. Oh I just remembered! In year six I used to like Ian Watkins (lead singer of lostprothets) but it turns out he was a paedophile.. After that I went through band members every week, convincing myself I was 'in love' with them all.. I was a weird kid.

 First Word
 My mum tells me it was 'mama' but my Dad insists it was 'dada'. I guess I'll never know!

First Job
I've never actually had a job, but the second I turn sixteen I'm applying for one straight away (I need money!). When I was in year 6 I used to trade paperclip bracelets and tidy peoples drawers for neon shoelaces (it was the 'thing' back then). And in year 7 I used to sell lollypops at school for 40p when I bought them for about 2p. I was such a good business woman..

First Phone
I got my first phone when I was in year 6 and it was a slidey Samsung phone. I had a group of three other friends who lived near me and we all had the same phone in different colours. Mine was pink, one of them had red, black and silver. I don't think I ever texted anyone on it though and after a year of service it died on me and never worked again.

First Tweet
I've had twitter forever (personal account, not my blog account) since about 2009, so it was reaaallly difficult finding this, but my first tweet was 'im mad lol'. wow. cringing at my past self..

First makeup item
My first proper makeup item was probably mascara. I used to do a lot of performances when I was younger so I was used to applying my own makeup by year 5. I also had a Victoria Jackson survival kit when I was in year five. I didn't realise how valuable it was then haha.

Thankyou for tagging me Amy! That was fun!
I tag Joni and Celine
Thanks for reading!
Laura xxx

my top five bedtime beauty products

Although I have my night time skincare routine, I also have a few products that I like to use occasionally before I go to bed. I haven't seen this kind of post before so I thought it would be interesting to share my five favourite 'night time products' and see if anyone else has some recommendations.
(This isn't in a particular order.. haha).

Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner

I can't remember exactly how I stumbled across this, but I'm glad I did because it is a life saver. This product has been on the market for a very long time, so some of your grandparents may have used it! It's really simple to use (all you do is apply a small amount to dry hair) and it's great for nights when your hair needs an extra boost. It doesn't make my hair greasy, you can't even tell there's product in it! You can even use this during the day, but I prefer to sleep with it on so that when I wake up my hair is softer. The best thing is that it's super cheap and available at boots and superdrug, so it's really easy to find.

Umberto Giannini Overnight Hair Repair

This is another 'no rinse' treatment that is applied to dry hair. I personally don't find this as effective as the Vitapointe, but it does last a lot longer because you only need to use a tiny bit at a time (there is also more in the bottle). The reason I like this one is because of the scent. It contains lavender which is a really relaxing smell and actually helps you sleep better. It is included in a lot of sleep sprays. I use this one on nights where I need a good nights sleep.

Gatineau Moisture Replenish Mask

I'm pretty sure that the one I own is a sample, but it has lasted me a really long time so I'm definitely going to buy the full size once this has finished. This product may be a little more expensive than the others, but it is worth the money because like I said, it lasts a long time. This is a great hydrating mask for dehydrated skin and always makes my skin feel very soft!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment

If you're trying to grow/strengthen your nails like me, this product will probably be very helpful to you. I'm not sure if it's helping them grow or if they're just growing on their own, but it definitely makes my nails feel stronger and appear smoother. The reason I apply this at night is because it takes forever to dry and I don't have time on a morning.


You've all obviously heard of this product, who hasn't? Strangely, I don't like to use it on my lips because I don't think it works for me. However, Vaseline has many other uses. Did you know it strengthens your eyelashes? This is essential if you're a mascara addict like me and your eyelashes can feel brittle. Apparently it makes them grow too! I apply this to my eyelashes and eyebrows every night.

What are your favourite bed time beauty products? I'd love to try some more out.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


As you can probably tell from the title to this blog (apologies for the lack of creativity) I've just got back from France! Unfortunately I didn't get to visit Paris, but I am definitely returning later this year, even just for the day.
The whole time I was there the weather was perfect and we spent most days shopping, eating ice cream (I was very excited to find that nutella is a popular ice cream flavour in France) and 'sightseeing'.
Out of all the towns I visited, my favourite was Honfleur. It's full of cute boutiques, art gallery's and cafe's. I actually ended up returning multiple times, and on the last day I met some friends who were also in France there. The reason we actually chose to visit in the first place is because it was one of my grandparents favourite places to go to, and I can definitely see why.
Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures while I was on holiday because I forgot (oops) but I hope you enjoy the ones I did actually take.
After having a short break from everything at home I now feel super relaxed and happy and (I can't believe I'm saying this) I actually can't wait to start back at school!
I hope you all had an amazing holiday!

Friday, 16 August 2013


This is literally going to be the shortest blog post ever, but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to France now and probably wont be able to blog for 10 days, but please don't unfollow because I'll be back soon :)
have fun!
Laura xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

17 Peep Show Mascara Review

I always find myself looking for a good 'drugstore' mascara because although I love my Benefit - They're Real, I constantly live in fear that it will run out and I'll have to re purchase it again. (Lets be honest, its not the most affordable product out there). This is why I'm always searching for something that can replace it for cheaper, but at the same time be just as good.
A while ago I became very interested in fibre mascaras. For those of you who aren't familiar with this concept, it is basically a mascara that contains fibres which attach to your eyelashes, making them look longer and thicker. Essentially they are fake eyelashes in a bottle.
Unfortunately, most of these miracle products are very expensive and I personally can't justify spending £30-£40 on something I don't even know definitely works. I started searching for a cheaper alternative and thankfully, I found one!
Peep Show by 17 is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated beauty products out there. I have never seen anybody review it before which is a shame because most people are missing out!
When I purchased this mascara, it was around the £6 mark, but it is now only £4. (I highly recommend you stock up now because you never know when this deal might end).
Firstly, the bottle is so cute! I love the design because it looks very different to any other mascara I own.
I can definitely tell a difference when this is on my lashes, they look noticeably longer and I do get the occasional ''are you wearing fake eyelashes?''.
I have to say, the wand isn't the best, but it does the job and you can always use one you already own. For only £4 I think this is a bargain! Let me know if any of you have a favourite drugstore mascara, or if you've tried this one!


Monday, 12 August 2013

life update (and flashbacks)

Apologies for the bad photo. Apparently two years ago my photography skills were even worse than they are now!

I think I've mentioned in a previous blog post that two years ago I went to Paris with school. This was one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
Since then I've always wanted to go back to France (specifically Paris) and I became obsessed with the idea of living there. It seriously is one of my favourite places in the world.
This Friday, I'm going to London (not looking forward to the long journey) and on Saturday I'm getting the ferry to France! I can't even explain how excited I am. I'm especially looking forward to buying lots of French beauty products. The down side is, it looks very unlikely that I'll get to go to Paris! (But I am keeping my hopes up).
This is just a post to let you all know where I'll be since after Friday, I won't be able to blog for about 10 days (!!!).
By the way, if you ever get the opportunity to go on a trip with school then take it! You will have the funniest/weirdest/best time ever, and you'll make some amazing memories and friends! I went to Paris when I was about twelve and it's still something we talk and laugh about now.

I hope you're enjoying your holidays! And sorry for the very unorganised post, there's a good one coming tomorrow!
Laura xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

sunshine in a bottle

Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish - Sunshine (280)
Sleek Blush - Rose Gold (926)
Over the past few weeks I've found two new obsessions that I wanted to share with you. The first one being yellow nail polish.
Recently I've become more interested in nail polish and my collection has started to grow, but I think this yellow one may be my favourite. Firstly, it's affordable (I think it was under £3!!!) and as far as I'm concerned it's good quality, although I'm not a nail polish expert so don't take my word for it. Also, it's called sunshine which for some reason makes me very happy..

The next thing I've been loving is the Sleek - Rose Gold blush which is known for being very similar to Nars - Orgasm. It is extremely pigmented and, although the picture doesn't really do it any justice, the colour is beautiful. and for under £5, I can see why it's such a popular product.

I know this was a very short post but I promise, there's more coming up in the next few days! (That sounded like a really cheesy TV advert..).
Anyway, I hope you're all having a great week so far!
Laura xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

summertime saddness

Hello everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologise for putting very little effort into my blog and then disappearing for months when I promised to post more regularly. But, I am back for good now.
Also, this is the first time I have put a lot of effort into the 'photography' used on my blog and I'm quite proud for a first attempt. I know it's not as good as some of the very talented bloggers out there, but I am trying.
Some of you may know that recently I went to Spain with my best friend, and I am supposed to still be there now, but due to being very sick I had to fly home on my own. So I'm not very happy at the moment.
I did have a good time for the short time I was there though, and found a very cute jewellery stall that was pretty much heaven.
The first thing I found were these handmade rose bracelets. I thought they looked very cute yet elegant, and I couldn't resist buying one for me and both of my sisters.
 The next item was probably love at first sight for me.
A long vintage looking clock necklace. Plus, since I got it on a market stall in Spain, its unlikely anybody I know will have anything identical.
If I ever get the confidence to post a proper outfit post then you will most likely be seeing this necklace very frequently.

Until then, I hope the rest of you are having an amazing summer holiday!
Laura xxx