Friday, 12 July 2013

Year 9

This school year is drawing to a close, I only have one week left and then its six weeks of freedom. While I am looking forward to going on holiday with my best friend and spending my days doing absolutely nothing, I will miss year 9. I always find it scary moving into a new year because as much as I hate high school, I don't want it to go by too quickly.
This year has gone incredibly fast, but I've managed to make some amazing memories and I've actually had a pretty good year.
These are just some of my favourite moments. I didn't always have a camera on me!
Some parts of this year haven't been great.
However, I did have the most amazing friends that helped me through that time and are still continuing to help me to this day. I am so thankful for my friends.

I've had too many good points to count this year, some include:
  • Spending new years eve with my best friend and missing the countdown because we were too busy talking.
  • Meeting my cousins baby for the first time.
  • Getting to celebrate my great grandma's 100th birthday in Ireland, as well as meeting lots of family members and seeing where my dad's family grew up.
  • Being asked to go on holiday with my best friend and her family! (Only 17 days to go!)
  • Going on my first rollercoaster, even though I was scared. My friends forced me.
  • Meeting some strangers, walking to mcdonalds with them and then falling over in front of them. why why why am I so embarrassing. (This is a good point because it makes a funny memory)
There are loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads more good points but I would be here forever if I had to type them all up for you.

THANKYOU FOR READING! I've lost my camera but when I find it I'll be back with another proper post.

I hope you've all had a good school year, and have an amazing holiday!

Laura xx

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