Friday, 31 May 2013

the lowest quality ootd ever (and my sushi story)

Hello everyone!
Sorry again for the lack of posts (and the low quality picture in this blog) I've lost my camera in all the unpacking since I've been in Ireland and had to settle for my webcam.
I am also aware of how much I am posing in this picture, I promise it's not on purpose, it's hard to stand up quickly after putting the timer on and I gave up trying to look normal in the end.

Necklace: Claire's
Top: Topshop
Trousers: Topshop
(and for shoes I wore black converse)


By the way, I'm in love with my new gold chain! I don't usually shop at Claire's as I see it as more of a children's shop, but I had some gift cards from family and decided to use them up.

I bought that crop top while I was in Ireland after a lot of hesitation and persuasion from my sister. I usually hate things like this as to me, it seems to draw a lot of attention to your boobs (which is a little inappropriate at the age of 14) but I did really like the top so I'm glad I bought it in the end.

Anyway onto my 'sushi story'.
If you read my 16 things before 16 post, you'll have seen that I was desperate to try sushi, and have been for a while now. So, me and my best friend went into Leeds today (super early might I add!) planning to try out the new Yo Sushi! that's in trinity leeds (new shopping centre).
I ended up changing my mind and opted for the M&S vegetarian sushi instead and I was disappointed. It turns out me and sushi just isn't meant to be, but at least I finally tried it!

(sorry for the amount of times I used the word Sushi just then.. haha)

I hope you're all having a lovely week off, if you're in England. Thanks for reading!
Laura xx


  1. gorgeous outfit! &that top looks gorgeous with the disco pants:) xxx

  2. Hi Laura, I love that top, I've been looking for it for ages! I've just followed your blog, and I'd be really grateful if you could have a look at mine and perhaps follow it :)
    Tali x

    1. Sorry for just seeing this! I'll definitely follow you now x