Sunday, 28 April 2013

reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there

Since I'm new to blogging, I thought I'd share 5 facts about myself so you can 'get to know me' better.

I'm really scared of heights. In fact that's an understatement, I'm terrified of heights. I have nightmares about being in high-up places and I get really panicky/scared even looking at a photo of the view from a tall building or something. In 2011 I went to Paris with school which was amazing, but I had to go up the Eiffel Tower. I was shaking and crying the whole time (so embarrassing) and I had to hold on to something at all times, even though there was no way I could fall out (It was 100% worth being scared though, it really is amazing up there!). In fact, our school has recently been rebuilt and on the upstairs bit, there are a lot of glass railings. Every time I have to go upstairs (which is everyday) I get really scared. My friends find this hilarious and try to push me near the end. Wow, I am so pathetic hahaha.

I am obsessed with anything Disney. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me in real life and they'll agree with me. Most people grow out of the Disney phase at eight years old but not me. I am always singing the songs (my favourite ones to sing are Pocahontas, it really annoys people ;) ) and watching the movies. Omg how can anyone not love Disney?

I'm a vegetarian and have been for about 7 years now.

I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. This is another thing my friends make fun of me for. When we went to Paris I slept pretty much all the way through the trip (which annoyed everyone.. sorry if you're reading and you had to wake me up at some point..).

My favourite colour is yellow.. That's an interesting fact isn't it? Who doesn't want to know my favourite colour?

I hope you don't think I'm weird after this, although you probably do..
Tell me a fact about you in the comments so I can get to know you better? I really want to make some 'blogging friends' (that's not weird at all is it laura? wow)

laura xx


  1. cute skirt :) i love disney too! ahh ur so lucky that you can sleep anywhere im basically an insomniac xx

    1. How have I only just seen this?!
      Aww thankyou so much! :) and haha, I used to be like that but since a few years ago I've been sleeping constantly! xx