Friday, 26 April 2013

do you think about me now and then?

hello there! (if anyone's reading)
I haven't been blogging much at all which is stupid if I want to gain followers, I'll start posting more frequently from now on anyway.
I would love to say the lack of posts is due to the fact I've been on a holiday to Paris or something, but unfortunately I've been in England watching too many episodes of extreme couponers and Disney movies. I really have no life.
And if anyone was curious, I finished my film studies coursework and I am now waiting on my results. Speaking of results, I did my huge science test that I mentioned in my last post and I am incredibly proud of my mark (although I don't really deserve it since I barely revised for it!). Now I'm excited for this school year to be over so I can start my GCSE'S and drop the subjects that I hate such as dance.
So, recently I've been in the process of having my room redecorated. When it's done I'll do a whole post on it including lots of pictures, but for now my room is literally just a white room with a bed. I'm still getting used to the fact that there is nothing on the walls.. :(
In the spirit of redecorating, me and my best friend ventured into Leeds to look for cute room decorations. Unfortunately she lost me in the Primark, cried and called a customer announcement (well done Honor, you know just how to embarrass me in public).
I obviously wasn't too upset because I found the time to purchase this bag!!!!

(sorry for the terrible pictures, I'm still getting to grips with this blogging stuff)

(That's what this whole post was supposed to be about but I clearly don't know when to shut up).
Usually, I find that Primark bags all look very similar and I never really find one that I like, but when I spotted this I fell in love and picked it up straight away.
The one thing that annoys me about this bag is the black marks all over it, I didn't even notice them in the shop! However, since it was only £8, I guess it doesn't matter that much.
I love the pattern and the gold lock detailing, it's just perfect!

Sorry that my post's aren't the best quality, I'm trying to improve! If anybody has any advice I would appreciate it a lot!

Laura xxx


  1. really cute bag :)

    1. aww thankyou!
      (I'll go follow you now)