Monday, 1 April 2013

Things I'm going to start doing.

So it's April 1st! I can't believe how quickly this year is going!
We're four months into the year and sadly, I haven't stuck to most of my new years resolutions.
I decided that I'm going to have some resolutions for April and then on the 1st of May I'll write another blog to see if I've stuck to them.
And, if I haven't failed any, I'll let myself buy a dress that I really want!
I think this is a good idea because it's much easier to stick to something for a month than a whole year, and hopefully by the time the month is over I'll have got used to doing these things and will continue for the rest of the year.
Anyway, let's actually get to the point!
1) Drink more water.
I have an app called iDrate which really helped me to drink the right amount of water throughout january, but for some reason I just stopped. This month I'm going to try again!
2) Stop biting my nails!
Yes, I'm a nail biter and it sucks. It's the worst habit ever, most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it, and I can't control myself! It's absolutely disgusting and I want to have nice nails, so hopefully I can quit this for a month (and more!!).
3) Eat an apple a day.
I should eat my five a day, but I rarely do. I don't eat much at all throughout the day, some days I just eat toast and that's it, but this is really unhealthy. It's unrealistic that I'm going to start eating my 5 a day, but if I can stick to an apple every day then that should definitely help!
And, i hear it keeps the doctors away ;)
wow I need to get a life.
4) Take an omega 3 pill every day!
I'm a vegetarian and have been for 7 years. This makes me tired as I rarely get any iron/protein in my diet. Recently I bought some fish oil pills, but I always forget to take them! I'm going to try and have one every single day to improve my health.
5) Stop wearing so much makeup.
I suffer from eczema, which if anyone didn't know is a skin condition that makes your skin very dry, sensitive and itchy. I also have dry and sensitive patches of skin on my face which have gotten worse in the cold weather recently. When I wear makeup it dry's out my skin even more and it doesn't look good at all. I'm still going to wear eyemakeup and occasionally blusher or concealer when I need it, but wearing less will hopefully improve my skin and confidence :)

I may add more throughout the month, but for now I only have five :)
if anybody else has any I should consider then I would love to know! And let me know what yours would be!

Thanks for reading!
Laura xxx

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