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What to carry in your school beauty bag.

If you're like me, you'll hate having a heavy school bag. I can't stand carrying around my p.e kit, books and other school equipment. And on top of that, there's the little things that, being a girl, you have to keep with you at all times!
I usually end up throwing body spray's, makeup wipes and lip gloss into my bag everyday, so when I empty it, it's absolutely full of rubbish and most of it has been destroyed. (I've had the occasional foundation spilling on my Spanish book.. It doesn't go down well with the teachers, trust me!). 
Also, it's much more difficult to find anything in your bag when it's not organised which is very frustrating when you need something asap.
This year, I decided to start being more organised in every way possible, and one of these ways is in my school bag (don't laugh, its important!).

I've decided to only bring absolutely essential things with me to school, to avoid filling my bag with stupid things that I don't even need.

I call this my school beauty bag.
Unfortunately, I don't know where it's from as it was given to me as a gift, but I know that you can get makeup bags anywhere that sells normal bags (cath kidston do beautiful ones that are waterproof on the inside so they don't get ruined when you spill foundation!)
I use this because I think it's really pretty, small enough to carry around and it still fits everything in.
When looking for a makeup bag, try to avoid button ones and choose one that uses a zip. This is so nothing can fall out of it throughout the day. 
The first thing I chose to put in my bag is definitely essential. Body Spray.
This one is from Boots and it's in the Natural Collection range.
Natural Collection are well known for making affordable but great quality makeup and body products. I love this spray because it's not only cheap but it smells beautiful, just like strawberry's!
It's great to bring to school because it's in a plastic bottle (meaning it wont smash in your bag, causing it to leak all over everything), and it's quiet. I hate sprays that make a lot of noise because they attract a lot of attention to you when you're using them (especially in a quiet classroom). This is really easy to quickly spray and go, smelling gorgeous!
Your hands are very important. You put them through a lot everyday with all the washing, writing, holding onto the pole to stop yourself falling over on the bus, etc. You have to give them a little bit of care throughout the day!
A product I forgot to add is hand sanitizer, which I DEFINATELY recommend bringing to school. I seriously think it's the most important thing on my list. But, a lot of classrooms at our school have a bottle of it somewhere, so you can always borrow some of that ;).
I bring hand cream to school because I have very dry and sensitive skin. Sometimes at school we'll be doing a science experiment and I spill chemicals on my hands. It's not the end of the world but after scrubbing at them with water and cheap soap, they feel incredibly dry and disgusting. All you have to do is blob a tiny bit on and rub it in to feel amazing again!
This hand cream is from The Body Shop, and I absolutely love it. It soaks in quickly and doesn't feel greasy meaning you can write without your pen sliding out your hands straight away. This one is called 'Wild Rose' and it was only £4. It smells just like summer, I'm not even joking!
Now onto the nail varnish and file.
One of my best friends is a nail freak and is constantly filing her nails to perfection. I am completely the opposite, but this year I've decided to care for my nails more so I carry these around when I feel like biting them so I can give them a little bit of care instead! I love doing this when we have one of those supply teachers that really couldn't care less what you're doing.
By the way, we're not allowed nail polish at our school, so I just apply clear to make them look okay again.
I don't think I need to explain why tissues are essential, but I carry these in my bag because who doesn't need tissues? Even if you never get colds, its nice to have them in case anybody else has a sudden nosebleed or something like that.. hahaha.
I also bring makeup wipes but they don't fit in this little bag. I just throw them into my school bag and I find I do need them a lot!

I honestly only find that I need powder, and lip balm throughout the day. There's no point in bringing your whole makeup collection to school when you don't need to constantly re-apply it.
Sometimes I bring concealer, just in case, but I would rather go natural and have fun than spend break crowding round the mirrors smearing foundation on my face.
I like this powder my Maybelline because it has a mirror underneath the actual powder and it comes with a powder puff. This saves space in your bag rather than bringing a mirror and a makeup brush.
I love this Vaseline because it gives a little tint as well as a lot of benefit for your lips! It is much better for your lips than a lipstick!

The charity pot by lush is a great thing to carry around if you want to save space and leave the hand cream at home.
It only costs £1 and it is tiny! Plus, it sinks in fast, smells gorgeous and donates money to charity!
What's not to love?
Chewing gum or mints are essential for school.
Lets face it, we all need to re-fresh our breath throughout the day at school, and these hardly take up any space! If your school is strict on things like chewing gum (ours is supposed to be but lets face it, they don't really care) then you should bring a pack of Smint's in your bag as they are quick and minty fresh! (That sounded like an advertisement haha!)

What's this? I bet you're thinking.
This is a pad holder.
Yep, I went there. GIRLS HAVE PERIODS! And it's not weird or disgusting, its normal.
I know, it's embarrassing to carry around tampons or period pads at school, and you constantly fear that your bag might fall and the first thing to come out will be your sanitary towels. It's happened to all of us and it's humiliating, especially when you're surrounded by boys who thing that periods are the strangest thing ever.
This pad holder came free with a pack of pads and me, being an idiot has forgotten the name of the brand, but they're still doing this so I would take a look in the sanitary towels isle in Tesco's if I were you ;).
That way, even if they do fall out your bag, nobody can tell what this is! I always say 'oh, I use it to hold my hair pins and bobbles'.

The last item is a comb. I think this is pretty self explanatory but it's always nice to have a comb handy. I got a pack of about 30 combs from BodyCare for about 70p. I definitely recommend going down to bodycare to pick some of these up, because for 70p it is definitely worth it!

I apologise if this was terrible, I'm still getting to grips with all the blogging stuff.
If anybody has any requests/tips/advice then I would be more than happy to hear it!

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Thanks for reading!
Laura xx

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