Saturday, 28 December 2013

My 5 favourite make up items of 2013

Since the year is now ending, I took inspiration from a few beauty bloggers and decided to feature my five favourite make up products of 2013. These are basically the 'winners' in my make up collection that have particularly impressed me throughout the year.
Benefit 'They're Real!' 
I'm pretty sure everybody knows about this mascara due to it's popularity with bloggers. Seriously though, it's worth the hype. A main ingredient of beeswax allows the mascara to condition your eyelashes, all while lengthening, curling, voluminous and staying on all day, though any weathers. The only problem I have with it is the price, but that hasn't stopped me from repurchasing it three times!
Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish Lipstick in 101
This is the perfect natural pink shade. It's a 'your lips but better' colour with a matte finish that doesn't dry your lips out. Its long lasting with a subtle watermelon scent which I love. This (along with Bourjois color boost in 'peach on the beach') is probably my most worn school lip colour as it's so natural.
Sleek blush in 'Rose Gold'
I hate to admit it, but when it comes to blusher I'm very lazy. I'll make the effort for special occasions but on a day to day basis I never seem to spend time applying it. However, when I found this blusher I fell in love. It's known to be a dupe for Nars 'orgasm' which is too expensive for me to purchase at the moment, but for an almost exact shade at only £4.99, you can't go wrong! I love the subtle gold hints that add an element of warmness to your cheeks. And it doesn't look to harsh against my snowman skin! Sleek are well known for having very pigmented products and this one isn't an exception.
Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
After a huge allergic reaction to Bourjois Healthy mix, I decided to take my doctors advice and stray away from cheap foundations. After alot of research I came across this one from Mac that caters specifically to dry skin. After parting with my £25, I fell in love with this foundation. It stays on my skin all day, doesn't cling to dry patches and has a medium to high coverage. The best part is you only need less than a pea size amount for your whole face, meaning you get your moneys worth.
Bourjois Khol and Contour in 78 Brun Design
I don't have much to say about this eyeliner other than it's very pigmented and lasts all day, meaning that it does the job perfectly. On lazy days I also use this as an eyebrow pencil.. is that allowed?

What are your favourite products of 2013? I really want to try some more that may become favourites in the next year.

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet

I haven't posted for three weeks! I wish I had some sort of excuse but in reality it's been down to laziness and lack of motivation. But I am back for good now (how many times have I said that?) and I'm excited to start posting more regularly again. First of all, I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! I spent the day relaxing with my family and eating which is pretty much what we do every year. I'm definitely enjoying this time off school although I've gotten back into my bad sleeping habit of staying up until 6am, falling asleep and waking up at 2pm (exactly what I did today). I'm sure that on the night before we're due to go back all this sleeping and playing hay day will come back to haunt me as I attempt to finish my art coursework and maths homework in two hours. Please tell me someone else does this? I'm going to spend today drafting some posts to go up within the next few days and tidying my room (the never ending chore.. ugh). I know this blog post is really boring but I just felt like I needed to update this little space of the internet so you all know I am, in fact, alive.. I hope you're all having a lovely week, I'm not actually sure of what day it is though..

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

what's december without christmas eve?

I haven't updated my blog in a while which I feel quite bad for, but nevertheless I am human and quite frankly very lazy. I would like to start this post by wishing each one of you a happy Christmas. I truly hope that you all have fun with your families/friends/whoever you're spending the 25th with this year. I am currently in my room with Michael Buble on repeat feeling partly content and a little sad. I've realised that the arrival of Christmas Day is rather bitter-sweet, as everything you've been looking forward to for months is pretty much over in a few hours. I'm starting to sound a bit like the Grinch but the thought 'life is going too fast!' has been playing on my mind repeatedly for the past few months. This time of year is a time when I'm usually very over emotional, probably for that reason. As one year ends and another one begins I start to think more and more about how the end of my life is drawing closer and closer.. What a depressing Christmas Eve thought? Despite saying all that, I am very excited to spend tomorrow with my family and hopefully have a happy day filled with food and bad cracker jokes. 
Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

concealer loves and hates

After clearing out my makeup collection today, I found some products that I haven't seen in a while. Some of them I was excited to start using again, as I'd completely forgotten I had them, other I was wondering why I hadn't thrown them away yet. I'll admit it; I'm a concealer addict. Anything that promises to temporarily banish dark circles, or hide my blemishes from the world can claim the title of my hero. That may be why so many have come into my possession over the past few months. Since so many people also deal with annoying spots and panda eyes on a morning, I thought I'd share some of the products that I swear by to give me a confidence boost, and ones that I would recommend avoiding.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
I know, you've heard people rave about this endlessly and it's getting boring. But, it would be silly to do a post about the best concealers and forget about this! I have two shades, one that I brought on holiday with me in the hope of tanning (I didn't) and one that matches my albino skin tone perfectly. These are amazing and if you haven't already tried them then I highly suggest you do. For under £5 you can't go wrong, and they last a long time. No creasing, high coverage and affordable. What more could you ask for?
Benefit Boi-ing
This is £17.50 which is a big jump from your average drugstore prices. It has a high coverage which reduces the appearance of redness or dark circles drastically. It doesn't crease or wear off throughout the day, but I still prefer Collection as it's so much cheaper and I find that it lasts a lot longer. This pot gets used up very quickly which makes me wonder if I'm really getting my moneys worth. Although I do like it, I don't think I'll buy it again once it's gone because it's too much for me to justify (especially when Collection is so damn good).
Miss Sport Concealers
Why oh why do I still own these? I can't remember the last time I used them but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in Year 8. They're both pretty much exactly the same; low coverage, hard to blend and orange toned. Why do I have two? Probably because they're both under £2. I wouldn't recommend these at all (although we've all used them at some point... haven't we?).
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
I can't decide if I like this or if I just think it's 'okay'. It's very creamy and blends into your skin easily, the coverage is pretty good and it's affordable. But at the same time it isn't amazing. It's a nice product to have in your makeup bag for emergencies, but it's not something that I swear by and will continue to repurchase. Having said that, I am going to try this again soon as I haven't used it for a while (I'll make sure to post an updated review!)

If you recommend a concealer that wasn't featured in this post, please let me know! There's always room for another one in my life..

mini favourites

I know this photo is terrible, and the quality of my posts recently haven't been up to standerd, but I've honestly been writing them in a rush, trying to finish them on the correct day of #bigblogmasproject. Since this one is already late, I thought I'd show you two of my current favourites. Firstly, I full on love these hedgehog slippers from Primark. They were about £5 (I think!) and they're the cosiest slippers I've ever had! I usually buy the boot style ones but I couldn't resist when I saw these, and they haven't let me down. Perfect for slipping on in the chilly winter mornings or throwing on when you get in after a long day. The floors in my house are freezing, so appropriate footwear is essential. My next current obsession is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After doing film studies I can now fully appreciate how good this film really is, and I can't help but wish I chose this to base my film studies coursework around last year! It's the best movie to watch after a long day, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I also think it's kind of Christmassy what with the snow throughout the film. The only problem is, I can't watch it without craving chocolate..

Thursday, 5 December 2013

'If you could go anywhere for Christmas, where would you go?'

I stole the question for the blog title from a Christmas tag I saw, because I've thought this through alot and honestly, I'm too tired to write a long post today. I'm one of these people who loves spending Christmas at home, and can't imagine having to go somewhere else. I love tradition, and being in my house with my family and I don't understand why people would want to go somewhere hot. However, if I had to choose to go somewhere other than England, or even just the days leading up to Christmas, I would go to Canada. The photo above is a street in Quebec, and it seriously looks like a film set. How perfect would it be to spend the festive season here? Imagine Christmas shopping in the snow, surrounded by lights and cute shops. Perfect.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

bad day cure

Whenever any of my friends are sad, or having a bad day I always have the same solution to their problems: Have a shower. That sounds very harsh but honestly, there's no better therapy after a particularly rough day than spending your whole evening scrubbing away at your skin in a steamy waterfall of hot water. Is it just me who turns to the shower when in need of making big decisions? It just seems so much more relaxing than anything else. I know that everyone and their mother has Snow Fairy, but it's my all time favourite 'bad day shower gel'. The scent remains in your bathroom for hours after you used it, and it makes your skin feel super soft at the same time as calming you down with its candy floss smell. What's your favourite way to 'wind down' after a bad/long day? If you haven't already tried my method then I highly recommend it. (It's also the best after walking home in the freezing cold, I seem to be doing this alot lately). Have a good week!
Love, Laura

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

those symphonies of better days

I apologise for the terrible picture, taking blog photos at half 10 isn't one of my best ideas but I've recently gotten into the habit of falling asleep when I get home and then spending the rest of my night frantically trying to do 14 things at once. I was trying to cut down on the emotional 'reflective' blog posts, but today I really felt like writing one, after all the reason I started this blog was to record my thoughts and feelings so I can look back on them one day. 
The (bad) photo I used will mean nothing to anybody else, but to me it's the simplest way of representing two people who were once very special to me. Both objects in the picture are linked to a different person, and although tiny they seem filled with memories. As I was writing this I realised that neither of them came into my possession at good times in my life, in fact it was probably the worst. One thing that bothers me about people is that when you mention a low point in your life, they automatically assume that you're being 'attention seeking', and I have to say that's exactly the opposite of what I want. I hate having sympathy from people because I really don't deserve it. Something that seemed like a terrible time to me wouldn't even be classed as bad for another person. But at the same time, we all have different lives and different things can hurt us. My point is that just because someone in the world has it worse than you, doesn't mean that you can't be sad. Our lives are filled with both happy and sad moments and there is beauty in each of those. I honestly think that because I've felt truly unhappy this year, I've learnt to appreciate little moments like laughing with my friends or having a pointless conversation with my sister. If you get anything from this tired, rambly blog post, I want you to go out and make the most of the happy times. Hug your friend or laugh at a joke until it's not funny anymore. Make silly little memories that you forget and then take you by surprise a year later when they come back into your mind, and you find yourself giggling on a bus surrounded my strangers.
Neither of the people that this blog post was 'inspired' by are in my life anymore, both for very different reasons. I know that everything happens for a reason but I can't help wishing that things could stay the same sometimes. The reason I wanted to write this was because today I was walking home when I realised that everything seemed okay again. In fact it felt more than okay, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt free to smile and laugh and live my life without waiting for something to bring me down again. I'm not saying that I'm instantly fine and everything's perfect. Occasionally I'm going to remember something I thought I'd forgotten, and it's going to make me sad because my life isn't like that anymore. But, I'll still remember that it's not going to be that way ever again and I'm a better person without putting myself through anymore sadness.
This was the most random blog post I've ever written, it wasn't planned and I haven't deleted anything. I've just sat down and typed everything that came into my mind. This is the kind of post I'll want to look back on.
I hope you're having an amazing HAPPY week!
Love, Laura

Monday, 2 December 2013

TRESemme Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave In

What a long product name! It's a good thing I love it so much, or I really wouldn't have the energy to type all those letters out.. (Again, I'm being too dramatic). First of all, sorry for all the lights on this photo, I'm now in full Christmas mode and decided to take it out on my blog. Besides, it's appropriate as this is day two of #bigblogmasproject. Today I wanted to share my ultimate hair saviour these past few months, which only found its place in my Boots basket by accident a few months ago (damn you 3 for 2..). Slightly off topic here but I finally got myself a Boots card! I felt like being a Beauty Blogger and not owning one was practically a sin. Besides, I'm all about saving my money (ha).
The main reason I bought this was because when the Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner came out, I was in love with them. I've now moved on to a new brand but I was still curious about other products in the range. I don't know why but I originally expected this to be a spray, so I was rather disappointed when it was just a thick conditioner-like substance with a pump. However, I take all that disappointment back because I really do like this product. The idea is to smooth it into your hair after washing it and then continuing with your normal hair routine, and I didn't expect it to but it made a huge difference. Since adding this to my hair routine, my hair's seemed a lot shinier and healthier with less breakage. I can't put my finger on what it does exactly, but it has just overall improved the quality of my hair (I've even received some compliments about the lack of damage, yay!)
I still want to try more products from this range, so if you know of any good ones, let me know! 
Love, Laura

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hello December #bigblogmasproject

Apologies for the quick post and generic photo (not mine) but I'm kind of in a rush as I just realised it was day one of #bigblogmasproject, and I need to post within the next few hours. I promise that I'll make more effort for the rest of the month, but today I'm just doing a quick lifestyle post, which is one of my favourite things to write anyway. (By the way, I just noticed that there's a TGI Fridays in this picture and I got very excited. It is literally my favourite place on earth.. I think I may be over exaggerating a tad).
December is probably my favourite month of the year, you can't turn on the TV or radio without hearing a Christmas song or seeing a festive advert. Everybody seems to be in a good mood with all the excitement and it's the one month where everyone is thinking of other people. My absolute favourite thing is that everything seems so different. Christmas lights are up around my village and every window you walk past has a Christmas tree on the other side (although I don't recommend going around looking in peoples windows.. it's fine to look from a distance though).
What's your favourite thing about December? As I said, tomorrow a better post will be up, and I look forward to reading everybody else's #bigblogmasproject posts!
Love, Laura 

Monday, 25 November 2013

she's like cold coffee in the morning

Good morning everyone, did you manage to get out of bed? Now that the weather is getting colder it seems even more difficult to drag yourself from your duvet when your alarm begins to scream at you. I've learnt to love the freezing mornings recently and I'm finding more joy out of dark 6 am's.
First of all, what's better than sitting in your pyjamas with a mug of coffee, so hot that it's burning your hand, while you're only half awake? I find it so relaxing to just spend two minutes on a morning reflecting on the past week and wondering what will happen in the week ahead. That's another thing I love. The fact that anything could happen in the next seven days and you have no control over it. Days when I feel like going back to sleep and pretending I'm too ill to go to school, I always remind myself that today could be the day when everything starts to get better. I could win a prize or get a compliment on my hair. Alternatively, I could fall over on the way home or have an argument with my mum. It's like a lottery where instead of winning money, the prize is a day of happiness. And if you don't win then its fine because one day you will, and just the thought of that is enough to keep me going through all the bad days.
Life is so good.

Sunday, 24 November 2013


If you haven't already guessed from the huge picture and the title of this post, I'm part of the #bigblogmasproject! The idea is that you post every day from December 1st to December 24th. There are loads of bloggers taking part and I'm very excited to be one of them. If you want to keep up with the posts, check twitter as everyone will be tweeting their posts with the hashtag '#bigblogmasproject'. I have listed the twitter links to all the bloggers who will be participating if you're interested. And if you want to read Nicole's original post about it, you can click here. Good luck to everybody taking part, it will be a lot of work but I'm looking forward to it!

A full list of all participating bloggers twitter handles and links;
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Saturday, 16 November 2013

DIY room decor 'stars in a jar'

One of my obsessions recently has been tidying and clearing out my room, it's like I'm spring cleaning in winter. The other day I was in one of my organizing moods when I came across some fairy lights I had bought a while ago in Primark. I didn't really know how to use them in my room but since Christmas is coming up I didn't really want to throw them out or give them away. Just as I was thinking of what to do with them, I saw that Katie (from Katies world of beauty) had written a post about DIY Room Decor, where she showed how to use an old Yankee Candle jar to decorate your room (it's so cute, I recommend reading!). I then had a light bulb moment and realised I could change her idea slightly to use my fairylights!
The jar I used was one I already had in my house (no idea where from, I found loads of them in the garage but you can probably buy them from home bargains or something).
If you try this for yourself, make sure the lights you use are quite short and powered by batteries and not a plug!
I think this is such a cute idea for your room, especially since Christmas is coming up and anything that lights up can be considered Christmassy. Its also really handy for me as I don't have a lamp in my room, and this looks a lot different to a standard lamp or light. I've never done anything like this before so I hope it was useful to somebody!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Laura

The Body Shop chamomile cleansing oil review

I originally wanted to name this blog post 'The Body Shop cleansing oil review (aka the best thing you can buy for £10) but it seemed like it was a bit too long. However, if I had used that as the title it would have been 100% true, because this is one product I feel like I can say is money well spent. When it comes to skincare/beauty products, I am very good at wasting money on things that I don't actually need and will most likely be lost in my collection within a few days. However, this doesn't stop me from still buying more and more things and one of those is the new Body Shop cleansing oil.
I had been quite interested to try a cleansing oil for a while, but the thought of rubbing oil all over my face seemed to put me off, as I was sure it would break me out.
I kind of purchased this on a whim (how adventurous am I?) telling myself that whether it worked out or not, it would make a good blog post (ha, does anyone else do this?).

The idea is that you pump a small amount on your hand (another good thing about this product: it has a pump!) and apply to dry skin. Then you basically massage it into your face to break down and remove make up. The subtle chamomile scent makes this process even more relaxing which is great after a long day. I also love that it removes heavy duty make up like high coverage foundations and waterproof mascaras.
If I'm wearing a lot of make up, I'll add a splash of water to emulsify the product and break down the make up a little more, but usually I'm okay with just using a damp muslin cloth or flannel. Removing the product this way helps to exfoliate slightly and remove dead skin which is essential if you have dry skin like me.
Sometimes this is all I need to remove make up and cleanse my skin, so it's a great all in one product.
This would be great for anybody who doesn't want to fuss with skincare, as it's so simple yet so affective and for the quality I would class this as pretty affordable.
I have extremely sensitive skin and I haven't (yet, touch wood) had a reaction to this! My biggest doubt about it was that the oil would cause me to break out, but my skin's improved alot since using this product, so if that's your fear I suggest you get over it and give it a try. I promise you won't regret it.
Have you ever tried a cleansing oil? Let me know which ones are good as I'm interested to try more!
Love, Laura

Sunday, 10 November 2013

things are looking up, oh finally

After weeks of wallowing in self pity, I finally got myself out of the house last night to go to a Bonfire. It's not usually my 'scene' because I'm not a big fan of loud noises, or fire for that matter. However, I decided that for one night I would go out and have fun with my friends, rather than sitting in my room and making excuses when anyone tries to make plans with me. I kept telling myself that I was happier being alone and I turned into this lonely person who thought that things couldn't possibly get better, so why bother trying? It's so strange how one night can make you completely change your mind about everything. I now feel genuinely happy and as if everything is going to be okay again. I know that I'm going to have endless moments in my life where I feel like giving up, but now I know that I never will because it gets better. If you're currently going through a hard time, I promise you everything will turn out okay in the end, you just need to keep going and keep your head up. All the moments where you doubt yourself and feel unhappy will make you into an even better, stronger person. You just need to make the choice to use them to make you better, and not excuses to feel sorry for yourself. Now I've let myself be a teenager for just a night and let go, I feel like I can do it more. Instead of using my teenage years in my room watching TV and avoiding any human interaction, I'm going to use them to make memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. I hate to promote the whole 'yolo' thing, but you are only young once, and one day you're going to have to grow up and be mature so why waste your time doing that now? If you're reading this and you're currently in the same situation as I was, just let go. The next time someone asks you if you want to go out, say yes and start making memories.
I abandon my blog for a while because I kept telling myself 'what's the point?' but I promise now I'm going to really start trying. Sorry if this was overly cheesy, and if you're sick of all the life posts recently, some beauty related things are coming in the next week!
Thankyou for reading!
Love, Laura

ps: it gets better

Thursday, 17 October 2013

tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through

For the past few months I haven't really been myself, feeling down and unhappy most of the time. I won't go into too much detail because it's personal, buuuut I will say that I finally feel like I'm becoming myself again. I spent a lot of time alone, making excuses to avoid going out with my friends to parties or stuff like that, instead of just going out and having fun. And while I was alone I spent all the time wishing I wasn't, and thinking about how everything seemed to be going wrong. Thankfully, it seems to be coming to an end and I feel genuinely happy right now. I've been thinking about this past year a lot and how it has been the best and worst year of my life ever, and how much I miss some people or moments. Most of the time, I sit and wish the past would come back, but I've finally realised that I need to stop looking back and just move forward. If you're going through a hard time at the moment, just carry on and everything will sort its self out, I promise!
I usually hate new year because I hate change, but I really can't wait until 2014 comes so I can have a fresh start and *hopefully* make it the best year ever.
This is pretty much rambling, but the point is, I finally understand the phrase 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened'. Even though somebody is gone from your life, it doesn't mean you have to be sad. You should try and remember the happy memories with that person and be thankful that at one point they were part of your life, rather than dwelling on the past and being upset by it.
I hope you're all having a good week!
Love, Laura 

Ps: this was my favourite song a year ago and listening to it now, it seems to make a lot more sense. I hope you enjoy it! 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Amy and Rogers Epic Detour

Have you ever read a book that completely changed you? That's exactly the affect that 'Amy and Rogers Epic Detour' had on me. I'm not going to lie, when I first found the book I thought it would be really childish because of the title, but I ignored it and decided to just give it a go. And I'm so glad I did because it is one of the best books I have ever read. I completely understand the phrase 'never judge a book by its cover' because it is not childish at all and is actually very.. mature. Basically, you wouldn't want your 10 year old sister to read this book but it's something that even your Mum would enjoy. I was shocked at how many 'real life' issues this addressed, like drug addiction, death, sex and depression. But that doesn't mean the book is depressing, it's actually quite funny and it left me with a really positive outlook on life. 
Seriously, it played with my emotions in a way that no book has before, one minute I was crying, the next I was laughing and by the end of it I just felt.. changed. While some books seem boring the second time you read them, this one is the same every time and you still go through all the emotions you did the first time.
I cannot rave about this enough, and I don't even want to include details of the storyline because if you do buy this book, I want you to really get into it. 
The blurb and the cover made me want to put it down, but once I gave it a chance I discovered a story that has stayed with me since I read it the first time. (I've read it 6 times since then and I still love it!)
If I can convince you to do one thing, buy this book, download it, borrow it from a friend, take it out at the library.. just read it.
I'm currently looking for more books to 'change my life'. If you recommend any please comment them below!
Love, Laura

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Quick Fix Facials

A while ago I posted a Boots Haul, and a few people were interested in seeing a review on the 'Quick Fix Facials Face Masks'. I wanted to wait until I had used the products enough to post an honest review on them, and the time has now come.. That sounds very dramatic.
I found these while browsing the Boots website and the reduced price drew me in. These were new products at the time (they're still fairly new) and didn't really have any reviews for me to judge them on, so I just took a chance and added them to my basket (how adventurous).
I love the packaging, it's cute but simple and each mask has a different colour scheme, and they have a very large collection. You get a lot of product for the price which is great and they both smell quite nice.

Exfoliating Scrub Mask for blackheads and blocked pores
To use this mask, you're supposed to apply it to damp skin and massage it into problem areas, before leaving it for five minutes. However, I couldn't leave it on my face for more than 30 seconds. It felt like my skin was burning and once I washed it off, the only part of my face that wasn't bright red and dry was my nose. For this reason, I only use it on my nose and it really does work in reducing blackheads.
 I think the reason I reacted so badly to it was because I have very sensitive skin, so if you're the same then I wouldn't recommend it. However, if you have non sensitive, blackhead prone skin then I think this product could really help you.

Brightening Peel Mask for dull and uneven skin tone
Although my skin isn't good at all, it isn't exactly dull or uneven. Having said that, I am quite interested in brightening masks and I was curious as to what they would be like. This mask has a kind of gloopy consistency which wasn't really that fun to apply to my skin. However, once it was on it felt very cooling and it didn't burn or itch like the other one. My favourite thing about this product was peeling it off, you can't deny how satisfying it feels.. or do I sound like a weirdo now?.. probably. I can't say that I noticed a big difference after using this, but as I said: my skin isn't really very dull to start with (that sounds like bragging but don't worry, my skin has many more problems). If you do suffer from dull and uneven skin this might really help.

So although I didn't love both these products, they were okay and I will continue to use them. Let me know if you've tried any of the other masks in the collection as I am quite curious as to what they are like!
Thankyou for reading!
Love, Laura

Sunday, 6 October 2013

This week..

I decided that every Sunday from now on I'll write a recap of my week. This way I can balance out the personal and beauty posts and I love reading this kind of thing! Also, it's nice to look back on these 'update' posts to remind you of that time.

On Tuesday I had a day off, so me and two of my friends went into Leeds for some shopping and a TGI's (a tradition of ours). Unfortunately the 30 minute wait for a table drove us away so we decided to find somewhere else to go. This is how I found my new favourite restaurant, 'The Handmade Burger Co'. It has completely replaced TGI's (sorry!) and ever since I went I've been dreaming of it.. I will return soon. I ended up having a really good day, even though my feet ached by the end of it.

The rest of the week has been filled with rainy days. This year has actually been quite dry so I guess we were all expecting a downpour sometime soon. I've spent most of my time at school sheltering from the weather inside which is where the internet connection is the worst. Since our school has started allowing use of our phones at break and lunch, we've been battling with the terrible wifi.. I swear they do it on purpose.

I found out my predicted grade in English is an A, and since 'realising my potential' my English teacher hasn't left me alone and is constantly asking 'What do you think about this, Laura?' It's gotten to the point that I practically have to hide under the table to avoid having to awkwardly stammer a sentence about the relationships of the main characters in a book. Am I being too dramatic?

This weekend my cousins came to visit from London which is always nice since I only see them 2-3 times a year. We spent most of the day looking through photographs and sharing funny stories from when we were younger. Then we ate loads of food and set off some fireworks in memory of my Grandad. They also showed me the photos from their holiday in Florida making me extremely jealous. I'm currently trying to persuade my parents to take us next year.

I hope this was slightly interesting although most of you have probably stopped reading by now..
Anyway, good luck tomorrow! I know Mondays aren't everybody's favourites..

Love, Laura

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Soap and Glory Face Brush Review

As you will know if you follow me on twitter or read my blog regularly, I talk about my skin a lot. I've been struggling with it for a while now but recently it's really been improving and I wanted to share some of the products that have been helping.
On Tuesday I was casually strolling through Boots in Trinity Leeds (just setting the scene for you, get a clear image..) which is much bigger than my nearest ones. Because it's a lot bigger, there's a lot more variety of products and I always seem to find things that I haven't seen before. That's basically how I stumbled across the 'Soap and Glory Face Brush'. I tried to find this product online, but it isn't listed on the Boots website or the Soap and Glory website, so the only option if you're interested, is buying it in store.
I've always been very interested in facial brushes and exfoliating sponges/pads (etc) because quite frankly I just love using them! I find it strangely satisfying to exfoliate, but scrubs such a St Ives just don't do it for me and seem to dry out my skin. I've previously used The Body Shop's facial brush which was too harsh on my sensitive skin and didn't seem to help in cleaning or exfoliating either. This made me very wary when it came to trying out others because anything that dries or irritates my skin obviously isn't going in my good books.
However when I saw this brush for only £6 (just £2 more than The Body Shop's version) I couldn't resist and promptly popped it into my basket (has anybody noticed how many alliterations I'm using today? I don't even know why). One of the things that really attracted me to this brush was that one side was the traditional brush and the other was rubbery (I'm not the best at describing, but you can see this in the pictures).

As always when I buy new products, I was really excited to go home and use it as I'm sure you all are after a trip to Boots. When I read the tag that came on it, the instructions read that the rubbery side I thought was just another way to cleanse your face was actually a massager! I've read into facial massages before but I've never purchased one because I didn't think I actually needed one, so I was quite excited to try it (despite never venturing into these types of products before).
When I use this, I firstly remove my makeup using Bioderma. Then, I dampen my face and apply a cleanser. It really doesn't matter what type of face wash you use, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of using a foaming cleanser and creating loads of bubbles... So mature.
Then I slightly wet the brush head and sweep it over my face in circular motions, concentrating more on my forehead, chin and nose when my skin is slightly oiler and spot prone (however I still use it on my cheeks to remove dead skin). I then rinse the remaining product off of my face and the brush and slightly pat my face down with a towel.
This is when I flip the brush over and massage my face, again in circular motions, using the massager side. After that I apply moisturiser and I'm done.
Just adding this to my skincare routine has brightened my skin up and I've noticed that most of the blemishes I had have disappeared. I love that it really makes my skin feel clean without drying it out, which is a problem I always seem to have.
I was a bit sceptical about using this daily (which is on the instructions) because I didn't want to irritate my skin but it's working absolutely fine!
So basically, I would recommend this to all skin types, and it's definitely become one of my holy grail beauty products.
I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if you've tried any facial brushes before!
Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Max Factor Creme Puff Review

Max Factor Crème Puff - £5.99

When it comes to powder I never seem to be satisfied and its the one thing in my makeup collection that I don't have a favourite of. I used to love the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder until they discontinued it, and since then I've just been constantly buying powders without being satisfied.
Until recently... (wow what a cliff-hanger).
I bought this maxfactor powder in January and after starting my blog I started to purchase even more products, pushing it to the back of my collection and forgetting how much I loved it.
The other day I stumbled across this again and decided to give it another go, and I can honestly say I've fallen back in love. It gives your skin a velvet-y (great use of adjectives there, Laura) finish with great coverage. One of the key points when looking for a powder, in my opinion, is seeing how long it lasts throughout the day. This powder remains on my skin looking untouched throughout the day which is great because I hate having to sneakily re-apply at school (we're not supposed to bring makeup, ha little do they know..).
Another good point about this powder is that it is high coverage, great on days when I'm feeling less confident about my skin. And if anyone was wondering, IT COVERS MY ECZEMA!!!
In order to get a full review I visited the boots website to read more about this product. Apparently it has 'light reflecting particals' to make your skin glow. This doesn't mean it is glittery, which is something I really don't like in a powder. I have to admit my skin does look more glow-ey (yet again, great adjective) when I use this.
Honestly, I don't know how it found its way to the back of my makeup collection! I'll definitely be using this some more from now on.
Thanks for reading!

ps: I am really sorry for the lack of posts recently, I haven't really been going through the best of times and I didn't want to channel any of my unhappiness into my blog. I'm going to really try and put more effort into my blog from now on because I really love it and everybody who actually reads it! You're all beautiful <3

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beauty tip: why you shouldn't use carmex

Photo isn't mine! I don't have any Carmex to photograph, sorry!

Warning!!! I'm going to use the word 'lip' a lot in this post.. lip lip lip lip lip
When it comes to lip balms, I'm extremely fussy. I have very dry lips and I've been through every 'moisturising' lip product under the sun. Because of this, when I find a favourite, I stick to it.
This also means that I've been through my fair share of terrible products and one of those is Carmex. If I can pass on any advice, it would be to avoid Carmex at all costs. Why? Because it contains the one ingredient that should never be in any lip balm. Salicylic acid. Whilst this acid can be great on the skin (if you have oily skin) it's literally torture for your lips.
So why do Carmex use it? You may be wondering. They know for a fact how bad this ingredient can be, and that's exactly why they use it.
Basically, it's a marketing scheme.
The acid makes your lips peel which tricks you into thinking you need to use more lip balm, therefore you buy more. In some cases your lips don't star to peel until you've stopped using the product which convinces you that it works. It doesn't.
The worst thing is, this trick is used by many different companies! Next time you buy any kind of lip product, make sure that it doesn't contain Salicylic acid.
If you were wondering what products I do recommend, I 100% stand by the nivea lip balms. They're moisturising, simple, cheap and effective. They save my dry skin over and over again.

I hope you all enjoyed this short post, I know it was very negative but hopefully it can help you!
Thankyou for reading

Saturday, 31 August 2013

mini boots haul!

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, I bought some things from Boots. I told myself  ''Only £20, you only need some foundation and a new foundation brush'' yet when I was looking around the website, I couldn't help but add a few more items to my list. The ending result was that I spent around £35 which is fifteen pounds over budget! Oops... It's safe to say that I won't be going to Boots for a while after this. Thankfully, the shipping prices at Boots are incredibly cheap compared to other websites, and I ended up only having to pay about £2 extra! I paid for standard delivery and my order was expected to come on the 3rd of September however it came today! I've always found that Boots deliver packages early but it has never come the next day! All the items were packaged safely and any breakable items were bubble wrapped.
The first thing I got was the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. This foundation has been recommended to me at least five times on twitter, and I know that it is very popular among bloggers. I'm excited to try it and see if it's as good as everybody says!
Next, I bought the famous Real Techniques stippling brush. I have more makeup brushes than I know what to do with, but I have never owned a Real Techniques brush before! I've heard loads about this brush and since my own stippling/foundation brushes were getting a bit tired, I decided to treat myself!

The next two purchases were kind of an accident.. I was simply having a look through the website with no intention of buying anything else when I saw some new facemasks. What made them even better was that they were reduced! I couldn't help myself from adding a couple to my basket. The one with the highest rating was the exfoliating scrub mask for blackheads and blocked pores. All the reviews were raving about the product so I though ''why not?''. I also got the brightening peel mask for dull and uneven skin tone which looked promising even though it currently has no reviews. If you want to try any of these masks I recommend going to boots now because they are all a third off. click here to see the full range.
The last product I got was the Una Brennan intense moisture mask which is also reduced at the moment. I have dry skin (which I have mentioned a million times on my blog and will probably mention it a million more.. sorry) so I decided to treat myself to a little moisturising treatment. All the reviews were good, the packaging is cute and it smells of roses! What more could I ask for?

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you want reviews on any of the products then let me know!
I hope you're having a good week.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tag: My First Time

I was tagged by the lovely Amy to do this post a few days ago but I didn't realise because I was in France (sorry Amy!) You should all definitely check out her blog, I personally love it. Anyway, I thought this tag would be really fun and it gives you a chance to 'get to know me better'. Lets begin!

First Best Friend
I met my first best friend when I was only a few months old. Our sisters were similar ages so our mums met when they were both pregnant and picking them up from school. She was born about a month before me but soon enough I popped out and we were friends! Our houses were actually back to back so I could see her room from my bedroom window. We used to wave at each other every morning and night and we even had a secret gap in the fence that we passed letters to each other through. We were so close that we planned to knock down part of the fence and build a gate so we could get to each others houses whenever we wanted. I moved house when I was about seven but since we went to the same primary school we were still best friends (although we used to fall out all the time over stupid things haha). However, once it was time to go to high school we drifted apart and I haven't seen her for years now.

First Concert
My first official concert was when I was eleven (in my first year of high school) and all my friends were a few years older than me. We went to see My Chemical Romance and it was one of the best nights of my life! Unfortunately, MCR have split up now (cryyinggggg) but I'm lucky I got to see them while they were together. We had to drive all the way down to Manchester after school and all the way back after the concert. However I did go to Party In The Park when I was in year 6 (for those of you who don't know, it's like a mini day festival in Leeds that used to be free, and you could only claim tickets if you lived in Leeds) and there were a lot of famous people there including Jedward!

First Celebrity Crush
I didn't really have many celebrity crushes when I was younger because I just didn't care about boys that much. I can remember being obsessed with *cringe* Shane Ward for a week when he won the xfactor, but I've definitely got over that one now. I used to pretend to like Zac Efron when High School Musical 1 came out, just because all my friends did, but I wasn't really that interested. Oh I just remembered! In year six I used to like Ian Watkins (lead singer of lostprothets) but it turns out he was a paedophile.. After that I went through band members every week, convincing myself I was 'in love' with them all.. I was a weird kid.

 First Word
 My mum tells me it was 'mama' but my Dad insists it was 'dada'. I guess I'll never know!

First Job
I've never actually had a job, but the second I turn sixteen I'm applying for one straight away (I need money!). When I was in year 6 I used to trade paperclip bracelets and tidy peoples drawers for neon shoelaces (it was the 'thing' back then). And in year 7 I used to sell lollypops at school for 40p when I bought them for about 2p. I was such a good business woman..

First Phone
I got my first phone when I was in year 6 and it was a slidey Samsung phone. I had a group of three other friends who lived near me and we all had the same phone in different colours. Mine was pink, one of them had red, black and silver. I don't think I ever texted anyone on it though and after a year of service it died on me and never worked again.

First Tweet
I've had twitter forever (personal account, not my blog account) since about 2009, so it was reaaallly difficult finding this, but my first tweet was 'im mad lol'. wow. cringing at my past self..

First makeup item
My first proper makeup item was probably mascara. I used to do a lot of performances when I was younger so I was used to applying my own makeup by year 5. I also had a Victoria Jackson survival kit when I was in year five. I didn't realise how valuable it was then haha.

Thankyou for tagging me Amy! That was fun!
I tag Joni and Celine
Thanks for reading!
Laura xxx

my top five bedtime beauty products

Although I have my night time skincare routine, I also have a few products that I like to use occasionally before I go to bed. I haven't seen this kind of post before so I thought it would be interesting to share my five favourite 'night time products' and see if anyone else has some recommendations.
(This isn't in a particular order.. haha).

Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner

I can't remember exactly how I stumbled across this, but I'm glad I did because it is a life saver. This product has been on the market for a very long time, so some of your grandparents may have used it! It's really simple to use (all you do is apply a small amount to dry hair) and it's great for nights when your hair needs an extra boost. It doesn't make my hair greasy, you can't even tell there's product in it! You can even use this during the day, but I prefer to sleep with it on so that when I wake up my hair is softer. The best thing is that it's super cheap and available at boots and superdrug, so it's really easy to find.

Umberto Giannini Overnight Hair Repair

This is another 'no rinse' treatment that is applied to dry hair. I personally don't find this as effective as the Vitapointe, but it does last a lot longer because you only need to use a tiny bit at a time (there is also more in the bottle). The reason I like this one is because of the scent. It contains lavender which is a really relaxing smell and actually helps you sleep better. It is included in a lot of sleep sprays. I use this one on nights where I need a good nights sleep.

Gatineau Moisture Replenish Mask

I'm pretty sure that the one I own is a sample, but it has lasted me a really long time so I'm definitely going to buy the full size once this has finished. This product may be a little more expensive than the others, but it is worth the money because like I said, it lasts a long time. This is a great hydrating mask for dehydrated skin and always makes my skin feel very soft!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment

If you're trying to grow/strengthen your nails like me, this product will probably be very helpful to you. I'm not sure if it's helping them grow or if they're just growing on their own, but it definitely makes my nails feel stronger and appear smoother. The reason I apply this at night is because it takes forever to dry and I don't have time on a morning.


You've all obviously heard of this product, who hasn't? Strangely, I don't like to use it on my lips because I don't think it works for me. However, Vaseline has many other uses. Did you know it strengthens your eyelashes? This is essential if you're a mascara addict like me and your eyelashes can feel brittle. Apparently it makes them grow too! I apply this to my eyelashes and eyebrows every night.

What are your favourite bed time beauty products? I'd love to try some more out.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


As you can probably tell from the title to this blog (apologies for the lack of creativity) I've just got back from France! Unfortunately I didn't get to visit Paris, but I am definitely returning later this year, even just for the day.
The whole time I was there the weather was perfect and we spent most days shopping, eating ice cream (I was very excited to find that nutella is a popular ice cream flavour in France) and 'sightseeing'.
Out of all the towns I visited, my favourite was Honfleur. It's full of cute boutiques, art gallery's and cafe's. I actually ended up returning multiple times, and on the last day I met some friends who were also in France there. The reason we actually chose to visit in the first place is because it was one of my grandparents favourite places to go to, and I can definitely see why.
Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures while I was on holiday because I forgot (oops) but I hope you enjoy the ones I did actually take.
After having a short break from everything at home I now feel super relaxed and happy and (I can't believe I'm saying this) I actually can't wait to start back at school!
I hope you all had an amazing holiday!

Friday, 16 August 2013


This is literally going to be the shortest blog post ever, but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to France now and probably wont be able to blog for 10 days, but please don't unfollow because I'll be back soon :)
have fun!
Laura xxx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

17 Peep Show Mascara Review

I always find myself looking for a good 'drugstore' mascara because although I love my Benefit - They're Real, I constantly live in fear that it will run out and I'll have to re purchase it again. (Lets be honest, its not the most affordable product out there). This is why I'm always searching for something that can replace it for cheaper, but at the same time be just as good.
A while ago I became very interested in fibre mascaras. For those of you who aren't familiar with this concept, it is basically a mascara that contains fibres which attach to your eyelashes, making them look longer and thicker. Essentially they are fake eyelashes in a bottle.
Unfortunately, most of these miracle products are very expensive and I personally can't justify spending £30-£40 on something I don't even know definitely works. I started searching for a cheaper alternative and thankfully, I found one!
Peep Show by 17 is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated beauty products out there. I have never seen anybody review it before which is a shame because most people are missing out!
When I purchased this mascara, it was around the £6 mark, but it is now only £4. (I highly recommend you stock up now because you never know when this deal might end).
Firstly, the bottle is so cute! I love the design because it looks very different to any other mascara I own.
I can definitely tell a difference when this is on my lashes, they look noticeably longer and I do get the occasional ''are you wearing fake eyelashes?''.
I have to say, the wand isn't the best, but it does the job and you can always use one you already own. For only £4 I think this is a bargain! Let me know if any of you have a favourite drugstore mascara, or if you've tried this one!


Monday, 12 August 2013

life update (and flashbacks)

Apologies for the bad photo. Apparently two years ago my photography skills were even worse than they are now!

I think I've mentioned in a previous blog post that two years ago I went to Paris with school. This was one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
Since then I've always wanted to go back to France (specifically Paris) and I became obsessed with the idea of living there. It seriously is one of my favourite places in the world.
This Friday, I'm going to London (not looking forward to the long journey) and on Saturday I'm getting the ferry to France! I can't even explain how excited I am. I'm especially looking forward to buying lots of French beauty products. The down side is, it looks very unlikely that I'll get to go to Paris! (But I am keeping my hopes up).
This is just a post to let you all know where I'll be since after Friday, I won't be able to blog for about 10 days (!!!).
By the way, if you ever get the opportunity to go on a trip with school then take it! You will have the funniest/weirdest/best time ever, and you'll make some amazing memories and friends! I went to Paris when I was about twelve and it's still something we talk and laugh about now.

I hope you're enjoying your holidays! And sorry for the very unorganised post, there's a good one coming tomorrow!
Laura xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

sunshine in a bottle

Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish - Sunshine (280)
Sleek Blush - Rose Gold (926)
Over the past few weeks I've found two new obsessions that I wanted to share with you. The first one being yellow nail polish.
Recently I've become more interested in nail polish and my collection has started to grow, but I think this yellow one may be my favourite. Firstly, it's affordable (I think it was under £3!!!) and as far as I'm concerned it's good quality, although I'm not a nail polish expert so don't take my word for it. Also, it's called sunshine which for some reason makes me very happy..

The next thing I've been loving is the Sleek - Rose Gold blush which is known for being very similar to Nars - Orgasm. It is extremely pigmented and, although the picture doesn't really do it any justice, the colour is beautiful. and for under £5, I can see why it's such a popular product.

I know this was a very short post but I promise, there's more coming up in the next few days! (That sounded like a really cheesy TV advert..).
Anyway, I hope you're all having a great week so far!
Laura xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

summertime saddness

Hello everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologise for putting very little effort into my blog and then disappearing for months when I promised to post more regularly. But, I am back for good now.
Also, this is the first time I have put a lot of effort into the 'photography' used on my blog and I'm quite proud for a first attempt. I know it's not as good as some of the very talented bloggers out there, but I am trying.
Some of you may know that recently I went to Spain with my best friend, and I am supposed to still be there now, but due to being very sick I had to fly home on my own. So I'm not very happy at the moment.
I did have a good time for the short time I was there though, and found a very cute jewellery stall that was pretty much heaven.
The first thing I found were these handmade rose bracelets. I thought they looked very cute yet elegant, and I couldn't resist buying one for me and both of my sisters.
 The next item was probably love at first sight for me.
A long vintage looking clock necklace. Plus, since I got it on a market stall in Spain, its unlikely anybody I know will have anything identical.
If I ever get the confidence to post a proper outfit post then you will most likely be seeing this necklace very frequently.

Until then, I hope the rest of you are having an amazing summer holiday!
Laura xxx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Year 9

This school year is drawing to a close, I only have one week left and then its six weeks of freedom. While I am looking forward to going on holiday with my best friend and spending my days doing absolutely nothing, I will miss year 9. I always find it scary moving into a new year because as much as I hate high school, I don't want it to go by too quickly.
This year has gone incredibly fast, but I've managed to make some amazing memories and I've actually had a pretty good year.
These are just some of my favourite moments. I didn't always have a camera on me!
Some parts of this year haven't been great.
However, I did have the most amazing friends that helped me through that time and are still continuing to help me to this day. I am so thankful for my friends.

I've had too many good points to count this year, some include:
  • Spending new years eve with my best friend and missing the countdown because we were too busy talking.
  • Meeting my cousins baby for the first time.
  • Getting to celebrate my great grandma's 100th birthday in Ireland, as well as meeting lots of family members and seeing where my dad's family grew up.
  • Being asked to go on holiday with my best friend and her family! (Only 17 days to go!)
  • Going on my first rollercoaster, even though I was scared. My friends forced me.
  • Meeting some strangers, walking to mcdonalds with them and then falling over in front of them. why why why am I so embarrassing. (This is a good point because it makes a funny memory)
There are loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads more good points but I would be here forever if I had to type them all up for you.

THANKYOU FOR READING! I've lost my camera but when I find it I'll be back with another proper post.

I hope you've all had a good school year, and have an amazing holiday!

Laura xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Hello everyone!
This is just a quick post to let you know about the changes I've made to my blog.
My URL has changed from to (just to clear up any confusion).
I'm going to start blogging regularly now! I'm currently working on a post about my room that includes lots of pictures, that will be up in the next few days.

Also, make sure you're following me on bloglovin! I follow everyone back, although I'm still getting used to using it.
To follow me, you can search for my blog on the bloglovin website, or click the 'follow this blog on bloglovin' button on the side of my blog.

I APOLOGISE IF THIS POST DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENCE, I'm superrrr tired after a long weekend.

Laura xxx